Léonie Pernet

New Soundtrack : Léonie Pernet “H24”

Inspired by real events, “H24: 24 hours in a woman’s life” is a manifesto series that reports on systemic violence against women → Listen

Based on an original idea by Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urrea, the series consists of 24 daring short films, based on the texts of 24 European authors, interpreted by 24 exceptional actresses.
A diversity of voices and talents, in a strong a and committed collection, woven together by the beautiful yet uncompromising soundtrack by Léonie Pernet.
When given the task to score this important and powerful project, Léonie Pernet decided to mirror the systemic violence women face every day in her soundtrack, both musically and thematically. While drawing inspiration from many different corners of her musical world be it strings reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti, anguished textures à la Trent Reznor, a distinct “Gainsbourg atmosphere”, she kept the root note of everything she wrote the same.
The note “G“ is the systematic base of the score, mirroring to the viewer the systemic roots at the heart of every act of violence against women, from the most dramatic to the seemingly banal, from the physical to the psychological. In the same way the tracks differ greatly in their intensity and moods, but still vary around the same harmonic framework.
The main theme, “Générique H24” is a melancholic hymn that combines the artists voice with glistening synth plucks and warm keys that will go around in your head long after the credits have rolled.
Music and art can be utilized to bring about change, and so Léonie Pernet often uses her musical gift to tackle societal and political issues. The work on H24 has enriched her “greatly, artistically, politically and humanly”. Her work underscores the themes of this important piece of female French television like only the best soundtracks can – by evolving the ideas present while driving home the core issues on screen.

From Saturday 23dr October at 20.45 on ARTE and on

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