New single: Vanessa Wagner “Inverness” [Suzanne Ciani]

Announcing Vanessa Wagner’s new album and international tour in 2022 with “Inverness”, a rare composition for piano written by electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani → Stream

After Inland (2019), the French pianist continues her exploration of the post minimalist repertoire at the edge of several styles, between Brian Eno, Suzanne Ciani, Nico Mulhy or Caroline Shaw. An invitation to an introspective and luminous journey, where the tone of the acoustic piano resonates with purity and sensuality.

“My encounter with the post-minimal repertoire has opened up paths that I am determined to continue to explore. After Statea in collaboration with Murcof, then Inland as a solo piano, I wanted to explore again this world so little frequented. This new album, recorded during the second lockdown when all the rooms were closed, tells a lot about the loneliness and heightened emotionality of that moment, through rare pieces with intimate and powerful atmospheres.”

“Inverness” cover is a work by visual artist Laurent Pernot who is currently exhibiting in Paris, Galerie Marguo
Photo: Caroline Doutre

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