Tratenwald releases her first EP ‘Lost Noise’ on InFiné


Paris-based artist Tratenwald releases her first EP ‘Lost Noise’ via InFiné, between aerial dystopia and vaporous dark wave Stream/buy

Somewhere in between aerial dystopia and vaporous dark wave, the artist Tratenwald presents her first EP Lost Noise on InFiné on May 12th. A first official release revealing what is already a surprisingly dense work, made of numerous compositions for the fashion world, as well as various audiovisual and photographic creations.

It is notably via these few incursions in the fashion world that Léonie Floret has gradually made a place for herself in the French electronic sphere, until her meeting with InFiné and this first EP, entitled Lost Noise. Five tracks gravitating between wide open spaces and nocturnal landscapes, from which rises the haunted, powerful and sepulchral voice of Tratenwald, reminding that of the legendary Nico. Dissonant, cavernous and metallic (“If On The Final Day”), the post-punk and new age universe of Léonie Floret sometimes gives way to light through glimpses of ambient music crossed by ethereal (“In Our Hands”), atmospheric & even elegiac (“The Storm ») harmonies. This glow is also present in “Lost Dog”, whose vocal parts evoke as much Cat Power’s voluptuousness as The Knife’s flayed pop. The title will be revealed on April 5th, one month before the release of Lost Noise.

To give life to this top-notch first opus, Tratenwald surrounded herself with artists from various universes, like contemporary music composer Samir Amarouch, experimental hyperpop producer VAMPI, electro-acoustician Lorenzo Targhetta or fashion photographer Boris Camaca.

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