Discover Cindy Pooch first music video & single ‘Issemou’

Cindy Pooch share her first single with a music video directed by Julien Oska Colardelle, from her upcoming EP out April 7th on InFiné → Listen

Issemou (the Banen language’s word for light) was born out of darkness one evening while wandering the streets of Yaoundé, when the city was plunged into darkness due to an electrical blackout. It is a questioning. A doubt. It is the need to free oneself from the fears that make darkness and light live in antagonism. Built on sparse guitar chords and mournful, fragile vocal layers, “Issemou” is a burning desire to reaffirm a confidence in the omnipresent duality.

Who is Cindy Pooch? Born in France, Cindy grew up in Cameroon before moving to Lyon to study literature while developing her passion for music. Whether it’s polyphonic choral singing or Gospel, this self-taught and curious singer/composer is inspired by literature. She has already shone in other projects with diverse rhythmic influences like the Maloya group “Ti’kaniki” and the European backing band of American singer Leroy Burgess.Enriched by these experiences, Cindy Pooch started writing and composing the songs comprising her first album. A mistake in her email address led to a meeting with InFiné and then a connection with the man who accompanied Camille’s first steps, Seb Martel, who produced Cindy’s first album.

The first glimpse of this artist comes in the form of the video clip for “Issemou”, available on 28 February, taken from her eponymous EP (out on 7 April). This film is a stroll through the streets of Kampala (Uganda), directed by Julien Oska Colardelle on the sidelines of the Nyege Nyege festival. It is also a doorway into Cindy’s artistic world, littered with insights and contrasts.

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