Leonie Pernet

Léonie Pernet gets remixed by Para One, Deena Abdelwahed & more

Leonie Pernet returns with ‘Le Club de Consolation’, a collection of remixes from her 2021 album Le Cirque de Consolation on InFiné & CryBaby → Stream/Buy

The EP features new imaginings of tracks by a variety of producers, including her summer 2022 club demolisher “Missing Love – Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee Remix”. 

Labelmate Deena Abdelwahed slows down the album’s lead single “Hard Billy” with a minimal, experimental, UK-bass inspired rework, while Nyege Nyege Tapes headliner De Schuurman takes the track and amps it up with his signature style of bubbling house.

InFiné artist and Reunion Island resident BoogzBrown, named “a sterling example of the most adventurous and cutting-edge productions around today” by Inverted Audio, takes “À Rebours” to new heights with his electro-Maloya. Finally, French beatwiser and film director Para One’s takes “Les Chants de Maldoror” back to the clubs with this pumping French house and electro reimagining of Leonie’s track.

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