Kaito announces new album on InFiné

Japanese composer Kaito shares the first single of his upcoming album ‘Collection’ to be released on September, 13th → Listen

InFiné announces the return of legendary Japanese artist Kaito with his first maxi/EP titled ‘Silent Sky’, a precursor to an upcoming album in September titled ‘Collection’. Celebrated for his immersive approach to ambient music and his deep connection with nature and Japanese culture in all its nuances, Kaito’s comeback marks a significant moment for electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. This first EP, ‘Silent Sky’, scheduled for release on July 9, 2024, features two emblematic tracks that embody Kaito’s organic sonic identity from his productions between 2020 and 2022.

The title track, ‘Silent Sky’, is a captivating piece of music that plays with the silences and vibrations of nature. After a delicately ethereal introduction, an enveloping bass line transports the listener to a meditative state, combining a sense of tranquility with a celestial infinity. The second track, ‘The Land That Breathes a Million Colors’, (not included on the album) evokes Kaito’s sense of fulfillment amidst the vibrant autumn colors he passionately captures as a hiker and photographer. This piece features a slow progression of immersive and contemplative synthesizer layers, painting a rich and colorful sonic landscape that mirrors the artist’s visual experiences.

About Kaito

Kaito, born Hiroshi Watanabe, is an iconic figure in Japanese electronic music. His musical journey began studying contrabass at the Tokyo College of Music High School, followed by music production at Berklee College of Music in New York. Known for his diverse productions, Hiroshi has released numerous EPs and remixes spanning techno, house, and trance genres under various pseudonyms since the mid-90s. Returning to Japan, it was under the pseudonym Kaito that he continued to make a significant impact on the electronic music scene

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