International Women’s Day: Vanessa Wagner shares a new interpretation of Caroline Shaw

Vanessa Wagner shares a new interpretation of Caroline Shaw for International Women’s Day → Stream “Gustave Le Gray”/ Pre-order the album

A Pullitzer Prize winning composer, Caroline Shaw appears on Wagner’s forthcoming album ‘Study of the Invisible’ alongside a number of exciting contemporary female artists operating in the historically male-dominated classical music world.

Unfolding over 13-minutes, Shaw’s intense and harmonically rich composition acts as the album’s centrepiece. Paying subtle reference to a Chopin Mazurka, it teems with musical memories, as Wagner elucidates in her own words: “one discovers this piece as if one were opening an old book of photos with past colours that come to life again under the effect of the glance.”

“There are two other female composers on the Study of the Invisible album: Suzanne Ciani and Julia Wolfe. I also often play the music of Meredith Monk. For me, it was a natural fit. I didn’t choose these pieces because they are written by women, but because above all they are works that I like to play, and that have their place in my repertoire. Female composers have remained in the shadows for centuries, and it is essential that both male and female performers bring the work of these musicians to light so that the balance can finally be restored and other talents can emerge.”

Taken from new album ‘Study of the Invisible‘ out March 25th

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