InFiné 15 ans – Line-up!

Artwork: Motoplastic
#iF15 #musiquedurable 

Musique durable!

For 15 years already, InFiné has operated as a safe haven for diversity and musical innovation.

A groups of music activists, proud of their independence and the label’s motto “easy music for the hard to please”, InFiné accompanies innovative artists from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, sharing common values around the defence of sustainable music.

With Deena Abdelwahed, Gaspar Claus, Léonie Pernet, Vanessa Wagner, Rone, Sabrina Bellaouel, Mischa Blanos, Toh Imago, Aārp, Basile3, UTO, O’o, Cindy Pooch, Seb Martel & more to come

Join us to celebrate these first fifteen years on the 13th & 14th November during a weekend of festivities, concerts and meetings at the Centquatre-Paris.

Join the party!
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