Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed gets remixed by DJ Plead, EHUA & 33EMYBW

Following the release of her album ‘Jbal Rrsas’ release, Deena Abdelwahed returns with a collection of remixes by 3 artists who are shaking up the codes of Club Music → Stream

In 2023, Deena Abdelwahed’s album Jbal Rsas earned its place in the year-end charts of influential platforms like Pitchfork, The Guardian, DJ Mag, and The Quietus. As we approach February 16, 2024, excitement builds for the release of three highly anticipated remixes by DJ Plead, 33EMYBW, and Ehua, showcasing the collaborative and borderless spirit that transcends Deena’s new album.

Deena has personally committed herself to this selection of artists who are shaking up the codes. «These are three artists whose tracks I often play during my DJ sets. I know their sounds well, and I particularly appreciate their sense of innovation when it comes to club music,» explains Deena.

Lebanese Australian DJ Plead’s style has been adopted by labels such as Nervous Horizon, AD 93, and Livity Sound. He brings his unique groove to ‘Violence for Free’, injecting the remix with sampled percussion and jarring synth notes that fuse deep and minimal house into something equally laid-back and bouncy.

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