Club InFiné: UTO + Laryssa Kim + Toh Imago

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UTO is back and on fire with their latest album “When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire…” Hidden away in the forest region outside Paris is UTO, agents of chaos who’ve always lived on the periphery of reality, in twilights and dreamstates. Coming off the heels of their lauded 2022 debut Touch The Lock, which Pitchfork praised for its “prismatic synth pop”, the duo embarked on countless UK/European tour dates. Their new album brings them back to their fiery molten core.

Laryssa Kim

Laryssa Kim, the Brussels-based Italian Congolese singer and composer, is a rare type. An artist who has seized the precious ability to synthesise divergent sounds and practices into a wondrous and coherent whole, her rousing articulation of music’s most sensuous modes straddles both the academic and worldly as deftly as she scales ethereal heights. Pitchfork lauded her latest release Contezza, with this delicious description, “Her skin-prickling compositions are an unsettling frame for vocals that, when they come, startle with their operatic grace. Chthonic instrumentals give way to eerie ballads incorporating chamber-pop and R&B, her voice rising from the ether like a spirit from a cursed cave.”

Toh Imago

Toh Imago is a paradoxical producer. On the one hand, his records are constructed from “concrete” samples of nature, a siderurgical site, oceans or childhood VHS tapes, the very places they are meant to emulate. On the other hand, he fashions an imaginary place into which his creator and his listeners can transport themselves. 

Petit Bain – 7 Port de la Gare
75013 PARIS