Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker unveils second single of his new album ‘Eno Piano’

Directed by Thomas Rabillon

Bruce Brubaker shares second single ‘Emerald and Stone’ of his 12th album ‘Eno Piano’, out November 10th → Stream / Pre-order

Eno Piano, American pianist Bruce Brubaker’s forthcoming work is a study of Brian Eno’s pioneering ambient compositions, and began originally as a reinterpretation of the groundbreaking 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Bruce quickly conceived of the idea to expand the album’s repertoire beyond just this Airports, adding in shorter pieces from across Eno’s catalog. One such piece, “Emerald and Stone”, was a collaboration between Eno, classically trained electronic composer Jon Hopkins, and Leo Abrahams from their 2010 album Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

Though short and circular, and less tape-loop dependent than perhaps the selections from Ambient 1, the piece is just as expansive and boundaryless as any of the longest selections. A simple, slow, and steady melody tip-toes gently across beautifully voiced piano arpeggios. This is Brubaker—the master of the minimalist touch—at his best. 

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