Bottler returns with ‘Grow’ EP

What does it mean, “To Grow”? Leading us into the four tracks, a voice explains how self-doubt and the unknown can help us stay creative, avoid complacency, and to “grow as human beings”…

The follow-up to Bottler’s first EP on InFiné, Clementine, packs a meta-punch. We are witnessing the two New-Yorkers growing into their shape, solidifying what Bottler is, sounds like, feels like. Growth of course, is a term radically current in 2020, where lockdown has produced many more personal-growth experts than the world could ever hire — but on ‘Grow’ we can hear the beautiful results of an artistic relationship between to people and friends growing over time.

Like an idea hitting us right in the middle of a daydream, ‘To Grow” suddenly explodes — out of complacency, into a state of flow and creativity. This explosiveness is a common thread throughout the EP: Bottler are audibly having fun, bouncing between ideas, moods and even genres at times. While ”Grow” is decidedly electronic, it has many elements of a more classic ‘rockband’ record, creating a musical amalgamation akin to LCD Soundystem or Cut Copy.

‘Phases”, accompanied by a gorgeous animated music video, is where that synergy really shines: a track that immediately triggers almost-forgotten memories of big festival stages and bright lights, hundreds of hands in the air reaching for the stars. That used to be a thing, right?

The second of the two vocal tracks on “Grow” is “Soft Winds”, a collaboration with Bottler’s long time friends Samurai Velvet. Switching tempo, mood and vibe effortlessly, we suddenly dive into R’n’B from outer space. Gorgeous vocals are layered over a warm, analogue half-time beat, complete with tongue-in-cheek trap snare rolls and pitch-modulated backing vocals. Again, we hear Bottler not only growing, experimenting, but having a ton of fun in the process.

At this rate, it is hard to imagine what they will be able to come up with by the time their first full- length comes around next year. One thing is for certain: it will be imaginative, exciting and 100% Bottler.

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