Bottler – New EP ‘Mako’ out now

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A Leftfield-R&B gem inspired by the world of the game Final Fantasy VII, Mako is a luminous invitation to escape set to be released as a luxury EP with a brand-new remix Colossi Rah and two fresh productions by Bottler itself. This great moment of modern pop came first in Journey Work, the multifaceted and progressive debut album by New York duo Bottler and combines the lyrical skills of Saige Smith (Samurai Velvet) with unstoppable breakbeat rhythms and stealthy explosions of tropicality. It’s track that would fit perfectly in a Bonobo, SBTRKT, or Little Dragon set at nightfall.

Written in collaboration with their old friends Samurai Velvet, the track puts forward an impassioned vocal performance with lyrics that describe the toxic, back and forth loop that lovers often find themselves in. The lyrical reference to fireflies was eerily reminiscent of the glow that materia (condensed mako energy and a source of special magical abilities) gives off, earning the track its title. Mako takes nods from Drum and Bass and Jungle and marries a deep sub baseline and signature drum breaks from Pat Butler and Phil Shore’s dusty record collection with Saige Smith and Joe Chilcott’s distinctive neo-r&b vocal styling and writing. 

On the b-side, Colorado based producer Colossi Rah twists and warps Mako’s original form with the experimental production touches found across the young artist’s exciting catalog. Focusing on the percussion samples and layers of backing vocals that originally served as harmony to Saige’s voice, the track transforms in a way that is light, airy, diffused, and levitating. 

Sleeves, from Bottler’s Mako EP, built on circular loops and sample-based production reminiscent of artists like Four Tet, J Dilla, and Daphni, is their most club format, dancefloor-focused track to date. Picking and choosing their favorite elements of electro, organic house, and even garage and psychedelic rock, the track features a shuffling drum break, flute-inspired synth melodies, a space echo saturated bass guitar line, and a piano loop recorded via Voice Memos of a ten-year-old playing at one of Pat’s dad’s piano recitals.

A pastoral and aerial conclusion, Bright Explanation opens with the taped sound of piano notes, before turning into a light and catchy ballad of elusive vocals and ear-worming synth melodies.     

About Bottler:

Childhood friends Pat Butler and Phil Shore spent a lifetime learning instruments, playing in rock bands, fiddling with synthesizers, and smashing guitars, only to set this aside in 2016 and focus on building their current electronic music duo. The result is their debut album “Journey Work” released May 6th, 2022. The Band toured last year Europe and North America for a 15-concert tour passing through New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, San Francisco. 

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