Bottler live session

The American duo Bottler is one of our most prolific new signings of the year: the two lifelong friends and musicians combine a myriad of influences and styles into a sound distinctively their own: an explosive mix of Pop, Electronica and Rock that is as unique as it is fun. In the build up to a debut album on InFiné in 2021, they released two EP’s with us this year: Clementine and Grow, which consist of eight original songs – some of them years in the making.

Naturally, they would do anything to be able to get on stage and present their new material, feel the energy and hard work be returned and appreciated by a crowd of new fans. But as you know, 2020 has not been an easy year to be band, and after months of bad news, a health crisis and political pressure building in their home country, the duo decided to just plug their guitars and keyboards in, set up a camera in their own living room in Brooklyn and make their own, intimate stage.

The live version of their new songs reveal a totally new side of their recent studio productions for InFiné: while the two finished records show off Bottler’s honed skills in mixing, producing and songwriting, this live session shows a deep passion for making and performing music that is exhilarating and contagious.

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