Bottler announces debut album with new single “You’re old”

Brooklyn-based duo Bottler is back with ‘You’re old’, the first single of their upcoming debut album coming later this spring → Listen

The first single from Bottler‘s debut album creates an equally immersive and evasive wall of sound for the listener.

Perfectly calibrated for motorized escapades in the open air at full speed, the duo summons in less than 3 minutes the unabashed electro-pop proficiency of Hot Chip and the visceral, groovy irreverence of Todd Terje.

The track finds the band crashing into mortality and aging artistically, with not much more to say than ‘you’re old, you’re gonna die’. Lyrically blunt and finite, ‘You’re Old’ is a vitaminized snapshot of everything the band loves: serious themes and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, synth explosions and pop emotions.

About Bottler: Brooklyn-based musicians and producers Pat Butler and Phil Shore are childhood friends who developed their deep love of music together. Now formally ordained as Bottler, the duo blend a myriad of styles to create songs that emanate warmth, joy, sorrow, pain and the full spectrum of human emotion. It’s electronic music inspired by a broad range of artists, all connected by their liberated approach to production. Bold, unpretentious, raw, dynamic, and highly creative, Bottler are a formidable duo poised to ignite the dance floor with their kaleidoscopic collection of sounds. 

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