Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy gets remixed by CLARAGUILAR

Blick Bassy returns with a new remix from ‘Bengue’, taken from his previous album ‘Madiba’ released on InFiné → Stream/Buy

CLARAGUILAR, Barcelona-based producer and composer signed on the renowned LAPSUS label, unveils her transformative remix of Blick Bassy’s ‘Bengue,’ and takes us on a transcendental musical experience. In this ethereal and ambient journey, CLARAGUILAR breathes new life into the original, reimagining it with an innovative twist.

CLARAGUILAR’s interpretation of ‘Bengue’ is a captivating fusion of pop-chamber arrangements, delicately produced with brooding synths and subtle vocal manipulations. As the track progresses, it seamlessly transitions into a dynamic soundscape with a hint of drum and bass, adding an exciting edge to the experience. This climactic shift is intensified by glitching, pitch-perfect vocal loops. In the last minute of the remix, the ambiance shifts into breakbeat with a slight drum and bass edge, layered with glitching pitched vocals looping hypnotically

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