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Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus

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Who would have thought that InFiné would release one day a record of “Flamenco”? The story of “Barlande” began on a fair summer evening in Tercé, near the town of Poitiers, at the first of the InFiné Workshops in the Normandoux Quarry. Amidst the white chalk walls, a singular duo – flamenca guitar and cello – took the stage for a stringed family dialogue. A fitting analogy as the story of this record is, first and foremost, that of a father, Pedro Soler and his son, Gaspar Claus. 

The Father witnessed and played a key part in the ‘Golden Age’ of flamenco. The son, after academic studies immersed himself in a radical, unconventional new curriculum, one based on travelling, meeting people and discovery. The father plays flamenca guitar, the son plays violoncello. Several years ago, his father’s path and his own crossed again and "La Blogotheque" immortalized their reunion.

Take Away Show #94 _ Gaspar Claus & Pedro Soler (full version) from Vincent Moon / Petites Planetes on Vimeo.

Over the course of its eight chapters, “Barlande” charts a powerful musical territory, both loyal to its roots and ground-breaking, making this a fundamental addition to the InFiné catalogue. “Flamenco is, in its essence, a melting pot of influences: from its prehistory in India, taking root in Andalusia and subsequent forays into the rest of the world. I belong to a generation that has seen distances rapidly shrink, and different cultures merge to form a new musical landscape. I do not feel that i belong exclusively to any specific tradition, rather I am proud to think that I may be participating in blurring the lines between musical genres. 


 “Barlande” has been recorded in Brooklyn and produced by Bryce Dessner (The National) and features Sufjan Stevens. It will be released 20th june and late August in the rest of Europe. 



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