Basile 3

New video: Basile3 feat. Simili Gum ‘Ciel Rouge’ x Vincent Burger

At the gateways of limbo and animal documentary, Basile3 invites us in his new clip to a dreamlike and apocalyptic journey of modern and vaporous R&B Stream 

On “Ciel Rouge”, the artist federates his passion for urban music and for the romantic poetry of moonlight behind the offbeat lyrics of Simili Gum. 

The silhouettes of the two artists weave their way through volcanic scenes and natural disasters, without seeming to be fazed by the events. On the contrary, they look to fully enjoy their experience, the strange fauna and the scarlet beauty that surrounds them. A parable to the cataclysmic world of click-baiting and flashiness that is omnipresent on social networks.  

After the colder sounds of “No Extra Territory (on Paradoxe club), the ‘Ciel Rouge’ EP released in October 2020 on InFiné marked a return for Basile3 to a more human sound. A second version of the track is also included on ‘Sans Retour’ in May 2021.

About Basile3: Basile3 mixes styles and BPMs, a music bass infused with Rap and R&B, as well as more introspective or clubby experimental productions. The producer is currently preparing his first album for InFiné, while accompanying other artists on stage (Gaspar Claus) or in studio (Chia, Simili Gum, Sabrina Bellaouel…).

About the director: Vincent Burger is a young artist living and working in Paris, currently member of the artist-run-space IVECO NU. His practice focuses on video and drawing. Hybridizing digital and analogue contents, he builds fictional universes by collaging found footage and scans of printed images.