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• 2 InFiné albums
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• All our latest EPs for download
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Secret Of Elements

Secret of Elements invites us to “A Last Waltz” feat. Mischa Blanos

Secret of Elements wrote this light, modern waltz for the first dance of his own wedding. For this is a love song: a fiery, grand piano piece written for the great turning points in our lives.
Classical pianist Mischa Blanos interprets the score with his expert hands, linking rhythmic changes with incredible ease and guiding our dance steps and reveries in a carefree and luminous whirlwind. Precise and accurate, Pätzold shapes his composition to the sound of the pianist’s body and instrument, refining his melody with concrete sounds of hammer and pedal as if we were in the room with the artist.

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Boogzbrown announces his first solo EP on InFiné with new track “Jookali”

After being part of Digital Kabar compilation and working with Cubenx on “Antipode”, “3883” is a stellar full EP debut on InFiné for the promising musical and visual artist

Boogzbrown is maybe neither a visual or a musical artist, he is both – his music is visual, his images musical. An allegory that soon becomes a definite state of mind as we dive into “3883”, Boogie’s – as he is also known as part of visual art outfit Kid Kreol & Boogie – first full EP for InFiné & Eumolpe. Growing up with his Creole family on La Reunion, he was exposed to a myriad of musical and cultural influences from a very young age. These forces are very apparent, even if sometimes surprising, on “3883“, and only become a congruent whole under the vision of a true artist – like colors that become a painting by the particular strokes of the brush. In Boogzbrowns case, it’s a testimony of the diverse culture and heritage of La Reunion, and an esoteric vision of a bright musical future.

“3883” is a code: a combination of numbers that repeat and respond to each other, about time itself and the way it takes on meaning when it marks a turning point” Boogie says.“The triangular base of 3, a mystical and spiritual figure, echoes the cycle and the infinite character of 8.”

The numbers “3883“can also tell us about polyrhythms, which are one of the EP’s musical running themes. On “Jookali “ the opening track, we have them thundering, shuffling, layered over another, but also alternating suddenly, making the track unpredictable and frenetic.

Boogzbrown’s style is hard to pin down as it often leads us on different paths, builds from one style to the other, sometimes transforms multiple times within a track and then breaks down on itself again. Between Juke, Maloya, dancehall and sometimes even Detroit Techno influences, the young artist has found an organic niche for himself – a whirlwind of styles with a warm, esoteric energy at its core.

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Rone & Friends Live @ Théâtre du Châtelet on Arte Concert



Rone featuring:
Alain Damasio & Mood
Camélia Jordana
Dominique A
Flavien Berger
François Atlas
Jehnny Beth
Laura Etchegoyhen
Malibu, Gaspar Claus
Mélissa Laveaux & Casper Clausen
Vanessa Wagner
Yael Naim

Production: Milgram
Photos: Mathieu Zazzo

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“Rone & Friends” New album out now

Rone & Friends: A new collaborative album featuring Odezenne, Dominique A, Georgia, Flavien Berger, Yael Naim, Jehnny Beth, Casper Clausen and many more → Listen / Buy 

The health crisis in March 2020 forced the closure of the theatre and paralysed the development of this unique show at the crossroads of disciplines, which, up until then, was met with both critical and commercial success. In the following social isolation, Rone felt the need to come closer to his artist friends and to reshuffle his creations with their voices as the new beating heart. The only good thing bound to this pandemic is that they too, deprived of touring and slowed down in the productions of their upcoming albums, found themselves available to infuse their vocal and textual energy into Rone’s recent laidback productions.

This collection, entitled “Rone & Friends“, has the musical colour of Rone’s friendships, of his crushes for a few additional less expected guest voices, but also inevitably of his own personality. The collaborative album is based on an electronic backdrop of previously unreleased titles, alternative versions of “Room With A View” or his first feature film soundtrack “La Nuit Venue”.

First of all, there’s this title from his “buddy”, the science-fiction author Alain Damasio, which Rone has had on his hard drive for a while: a slightly erotic pastiche to Serge Gainsbourg entitled “un”. Rone unearthed a deep and pastoral version of “Human” where the voice of Efterklang singer Casper Clausen seems to take on the accents of Matt Berninger of The National.

The artist reactivated the aborted collaboration projects with his close circle and spontaneously collected a big handful of titles. To these first “Kind-hearted” reactions, came three female collaborations with the English singer and multi-instrumentalist Georgia, the Iranian Roya Arab (seminal voice of the “Londinium” of the group Archive) and a rising figure of the ambient scene, Malibu, with whom Rone had always hoped to work.

It is a kind of pressure cooker of spicy and very diverse musical personalities that gives a fresh and offbeat appeal to Rone’s music. Dominique A‘s lyrical skills rubs shoulders with the surrealist and psychedelic poetry of Flavien Berger. The vitamin-packed pop of Georgia is followed by the ethereal contemplations of Yael Naim. Jenny Beth from Savages even turns her post-punk attitude into French desireless-ness. Nods to American rock merge with 90s trip-hop in a mix of genres that is bubbling, fun, but never disconcerting.

The visual identity of the project was created by the illustrator and cartoonist Coco (who works at Charlie Hebdo) and continues, in its own way, the work initiated by Michel Gondry on the imaginary city of Mirapolis. Rone likes to populate his imagination with talented and eccentric characters. This willingness to avoid the usual conventions and to bring together diversity will perhaps make “Rone & Friends” one of the most successful escapes from electronic production into modern pop music this year.


Out now on Vinyl, CD & digital

12″ Colored Edition* 100% recycled sleeve & vinyl
+ 3 Risography printed drawings by Coco

*All vinyls are made from scraps of colored vinyl, each copy of this edition will have a different and unique color

12″ Black Edition (100% recycled sleeve & vinyl)

Unisex screen printed T-shirts – Blue/White
Unisex embroidered Bucket Hats – Navy blue/White
Organic cotton & recycled polyester – Made in EU

All artworks created by French illustrator and cartoonist Coco.
Design: David Normant

Mischa Blanos

Mischa Blanos returns with “Silicon road”, from upcoming album “City Jungle”

Renowned as an exhilarating live performer, Mischa Blanos makes the piano his own on his second album “City Jungle“, stepping past the boundaries of classical music and into borderless creativity

“Silicon Road”, the first single of Mischa Blanos‘ upcoming album City Jungle is a soulful blend of jazzy, Avantgarde piano and organic, driving, electronic grooves – a musical wormhole to get lost in. “Silicon Road” combines a myriad of influences that Blanos collected during his travels, solo or as part of the Romanian minimal-house group Amorf. The title suggests a 21st century version of the historical Silk Road, a place where traders of all cultures met. Blanos uses the Japanese Hiroshi scale, played with a Romanesque touch and underscored with beats that remind us of the early Detroit techno age.

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Pianist with Romanian and Russian roots, Mischa Blanos, classically trained since the age of seven and with a long list of awards in classical music, is a creative force as well: traveling the world with his solo project or as part of minimal techno outfit Amorf, Blanos has stepped past the boundaries of classical music long ago. He has made the piano his tool, always creating new tension in interplay with synths, organic grooves and unexpected arrangements. He released two EPs “Second Nature” in 2018 and “Indoors” in 2019 on InFiné. The title of his debut album „City Jungle“ refers to the monolith, concrete structures humans have built around themselves, and which, along with most of their culture and social life, stopped dead in 2020. “City Jungle”is set to be released May 21st.

→ More about Mischa Blanos 

© Photo: Felicia Simion. Artwork: Unmatei


Rone, César 2021 for Best original score for “La Nuit Venue”

So proud, so happy, and so well deserved! What a joy to be able to give back the world of cinema through haring his musical universe. Before becoming Rone, Erwan Castex dreamed of (and studied) film; today he is very proud, just as much as we are to have helped him along the way.

Thanks to Frédéric Farrucci and Koro Films for the confident in Rone for his first feature film. With your total trust Rone’s music was able to play its role to the best of its ability.

It is also the moment to greet the loyalty of those without whom we would not have been able to find this « victoire »: A big ‘Merci’ to: IDOL, the Sacem, the CNM, Didier De Raeck, Bigwax Distribution, Dif productions, and Didier Varrod. Of course, thanks to the Académie des César, whose exemplary openness makes all hopes possible.

Keep your tuxedo close at hand, this is just the first of many steps in the limelight !

“La Nuit Venue” 
After winning two awards at Saint-Jean-de-Luz and La Baule film festivals last year, Rone convinced the famous César Academy for his first original soundtrack.

“La Nuit Venue” is Frédéric Farrucci’s first feature film – A Parisian thriller about the Chinese mafia and the decisive encounter between a taxi driver and DJ (Guang Ho) and a young stripper (Camélia Jordana).

Listen/Buy the OST
→ More about Rone


Rone & Yaël Naim “Breathe In”

© Artworks by Coco

Yael Naim and Rone reunited for a new chapter of pure emotion, taken from Rone & Friends 

Sublimated by the Franco-Israeli artist’s voice, “Breathe In” is an invitation to let go and take a deep breath. Lulled by Naim’s soothing lyrics delicately layered into Rone’s immersive electronica canvas, listening to the track makes for a unique cathartic experience, a surge of emotion so strong as to obliterate our deepest fears.

Yael Naim is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist at the crossroads of pop, jazz and world music. She has released 6 albums over her 20-year career. Her single “New Soul” reached 7th place in the Bilboard charts in the USA in 2008. She has been awarded three Victoires de la Musique and was awarded the title of Chevalière de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres. In 2015, Yael Naim invited Rone to remix “Coward” from her album “Older”. There were numerous exchanges between the two artists over the years, but it took a health crisis and the creative energy of the “Rone & Friends” project for Rone and Yael Naim to follow up on their first collaboration with this reshuffle of “Solstagia”, the closing track of “Room With A View”.


Rone & Friends is a collaboration album featuring the musical colour of Rone’s friendships, his crushes for a few additional less expected guest voices, the whole inevitably infused with his unique personality. Out 26 March on Vinyl, CD & digital.

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Secret Of Elements

Secret Of Elements announces new album ‘Chronos’

German composer and multi-instrumentalist Secret of Elements returns with “Cassini”, the entrancing first single taken from his forthcoming album Chronos → Pre-order

©Artwork: Alice Sfintesco. Photo: Nicolas Blanchadell

If you talk to Johann Pätzold aka Secret of Elements about his work, it quickly becomes clear that you are dealing with a perfectionist. Someone who set out to find his own music – at any price. “Chronos” – in Greek mythology, the titanic personification of time – is the title of an album that captures Pätzold’s musical work over a period of more than ten years. And it has also become a monumental work: a retrospective reappraisal of years of work, completed in a year that will probably go down in history as a threshold – time will be soon measured as “before 2020” and “after 2020”.

On “Chronos” we find pieces that tell tales of an eventful life – Pätzold learned to deal with a mental illness, he travelled to the Mediterranean to save lives during the refugee crisis, he fell in love and lost again – ten years is a long time.

Chronos tells of people, moments or phases from the musician’s life. The individual pieces were recorded and reworked again and again over the years by a perfectionist – the artist himself – and completed with the knowledge and experience of today: a journey through an entire life.

Each of these twelve pieces on “Chronos” is therefore a work in itself – they are narratives that you have to listen to carefully in order to decipher them. In an age of neo-classical music that tends to pander to the mood playlists of the major streaming providers in order to be as ”undisturbing“ as possible, Secret of Elements’ incredible dedication to detail is refreshing and startling at once. No sound, no crackle is left to chance – the music feels alive – warm, analogue. You can feel the work that went into this album all through your body, you can picture Johann Pätzold kneeling on the floor of his studio bent over wiring in creative chaos.

The pandemic made this very work increasingly difficult: Pätzold had to cobble together his own orchestra from various musicians in his hometown of Rostock, which then assembled at a safe distance in the Carl Orff Music School. Since there would only be one attempt, a single day for all the recordings, Pätzold worked through the nights in advance to prepare all the notes perfectly to the point.

In the end, it is almost unbelievable that this album now exists – created from countless stories and moments of a lifetime – over a decade of work, and in the end almost prevented altogether by a global pandemic.

First single “Cassini” is a testament to Pätzold’s perseverance to complete it despite challenging circumstances. It is named after a space probe that was launched into orbit in 2004, and which, after almost thirteen years exploring Saturn, finally burned up in its upper atmosphere.

→ More about Secret Of Elements


Watch “Room With A View” full show on / Culturebox

One year ago, Rone, (La)Horde and the Ballet National de Marseille presented “Room With A View” at Théâtre du Châtelet Paris for the first time

A committed and visionary show that explores forms of revolt through dance and music, brutally overtaken and brought to a halt by the pandemic.

On stage and through our screens, “Room With A View ” continues to question its spectators by inviting them to rethink our future and to create new imaginaries, in a world that is increasingly troubled and uncertain.

Available on and soon on France5 TV channel!
Produced by La Blogothèque.

→ Listen / Buy Rone’s ‘Room with a view’
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Rone & Friends: New single feat. Flavien Berger

“Polichinelle” is one of the best kept secrets from Rone & Friends: a collaborative album that puts the voices of 14 guests back at the heart of the French electronic music producer’s productions (Out March 26)
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”Les gens tatoués à l ́aquarelle, aime en secret Polichinelle”

Flavien Berger and Rone are two artists whose frames of reference overlap as much as they clash. The first brings back the sounds of electro-pop by drawing inspiration from the French pop songs of the 80’s as well as from contemporary electronic music producers, cultivating an *offbeat persona* that has made him a strong and singular personality in the French scene. The latter tends to focus on musical timelessness, with his head firmly on the ground when it comes to tackling themes such as “The End of the World”, his music for “Room with A View” stands out as a portal to the waking dream.

On “Polichinelle”, Berger, the genius hacker and surrealist poet derails the milky way of “Lucid Dream”, introducing the chimeras of Berghain and the comedy dell’Arte on the same deliciously psychedelic electronic backdrop. A subtle moment of uncontrolled bliss!

Rone & Friends includes vocal collaborations of Odezenne, Georgia, Jehnny Beth (of Savages), Dominique A, Laura Etchegoyhen (of Botsgehio), Alain Damasio & Mood, Flavien Berger, Yael Naim, Malibu, Camélia Jordana, ,Casper Clausen (of Efterklang), Mélissa Laveaux, Roya Arab (vocal highlight of Archive).

All the artworks were created by French illustrator and cartoonist Coco (who works at Charlie Hebdo) and continues, in its own way, the work initiated by Michel Gondry on the imaginary city of Mirapolis.


You can now pre-order the album on Bandcamp and Bigwax, out March 26th on Vinyl, CD & digital:

12″ Colored Edition* (100% recycled sleeve & vinyl)
+ 3 Risography printed drawings by Coco
*All vinyls are made from scraps of colored vinyl, each copy of this edition will have a different and unique color

12″ Black Edition (100% recycled sleeve & vinyl)

Unisex screen printed T-shirts – Blue/White

Unisex embroidered Bucket Hats – Navy blue/White
Organic cotton & recycled polyester – Made in EU

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Playlist: Favorites from InFiné

A new eclectic selection for Favorites from, made with love by the team!

Feat. SOPHIE, Autechre, Slowthai, Cucina Povera, Kelly Lee Owens, Clark, Smerz, Paul McCartney, Floating Points, Leg Puppy, Sabrina Bellaouel, Frieder Nagel, Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper…



Sabrina Bellaouel’s Libra & WDNTBE 12″ edition

The first two EPs of rising French-Algerian singer-producer-songwriter Sabrina Bellaouel on InFiné are now available on a single 12″ vinyl edition for the first time →  Listen / Order


© Artwork & design: Maxime Wolff

At the crossroads of modern electronic production, alternative RnB & North African beats, Sabrina Bellaouel offers her listeners an unprecedented mix of grand emotion of the Pop stage and the cutting-edge underground flair of buzzing nightclubs.

It may sound a bit indelicate, but Sabrina Bellaouel has had a great 2020. Although we can not speak for her personal life, artistically, this past year has been a prolific one, a breakout year.

She as worked tirelessly before, of course, by herself and collaborating with many greats of the French soul scene – but 2020 saw Sabrina Bellaouel step out of her cocoon a fully formed artist.

First, there was ‘We Don’t Need To Be Enemies, a powerful and brave record – directing the limelight away from her talent as a singer and focussing on her honed, meticulous production skill and ingenuity in making demanding, forward thinking music. Bellaouel managed to tell stories of her identity and place in the world almost without a single vocal.

Then, there was ‘Libra’ – fusing her own production with that gorgeous voice – showcasing a fully formed, trailblazing, independent artist. Sabrina jumps effortlessly between empowering trap on ”Arab Liquor“ to luscious RnB on ”Float“ and ends the record with „She Don’t Care“, a peak time house curveball that you can picture heating up the festival dance floors around Europe.

The diverse and powerful EP united different sides of the press in its critical acclaim, receiving accolades from Resident Advisor, Mixmag, The Quietus, Metal Magazine and Pan African Music – just to name a few.

Both of these records then, represent a side of the coin – and are now available as a 12“ Vinyl combining them to a singular listening experience. And when the clubs slowly open up again, you will surely see this secret weapon make it’s way some well assorted DJ bags.

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→ More about Sabrina Bellaouel 

InFiné x Circulation(s): one photographer, one playlist

9PM: A new playlists series in collaboration with European young photography festival Circulation(s) 

Driven by the same desire to discover and support emerging artists, InFiné and the Circulation(s) Festival are back together to celebrate and support creation! Every Thursday, discover a new playlist curated by one of the photographers selected for the upcoming edition of the festival – from March 3th to May 2nd @ Centquatre Paris.

This week, we start with French photographer Mathias de Lattre and a picture that finalizes his project Mother’s therapy: an exploration through time and space, science and humans, of psychedelic mushrooms. His eclectic musical selection will take you on a journey through the lunar compositions Murcof, from the warm flamenco of Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus to the energetic melodies of Mischa Blanos and the crazy harmonies of Aārp and Chamberlain.

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Bruce Brubaker

Glassforms Versions by Laurel Halo, Donato Dozzy, Tegh, Max Cooper

Following the release of Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper’s critically-acclaimed abum Glassforms (2020), Laurel Halo, Donato Dozzy and Teheran sound artist Tegh give us their Glassforms Versions alongside two new edits by Max Cooper →  Listen / Order the 12″ Vinyl 

© Artwork: Vincent Ballard. Design: David Normant. Photo: Julien Bourgeois

The works of Philip Glass  are reflected and refracted in a myriad of ways by some of the most renowned electronic artists alive, making for a blissful, multi-dimensional listening experience.

With ”Glassforms“, Max Cooper and Bruce Brubaker set out on an intimate, nuanced exploration of the works of Philip Glass. The resulting recordings, developed in a fluctuating exchange between the American pianist and the Irish scientist-artist, are an astounding testament to the innovation that artistic collaboration can achieve and what depths are yet to discover in Philip Glass’ compositions. The two artists did not just rework, but fundamentally rewired the original songs using algorithmic software to process and augment the musical data it received from Brubaker’s piano live on stage.

When approaching his remix, Donato Dozzy also tapped into that inspiration to create some- thing new rather than just reworking it, which is one of the core motives that emanates from ”Glassforms“.
The Italian producer and label owner is known for his drive to explore: he develops installations for public spaces and museums, uses obscure musical instruments and collaborates with classical singers or visual artists. ”I chose ”Two Pages“ for it’s hypnotic feel in the notes repetition“, he says, ”but I did not want to merely sample the piano, but instead ask someone I trust and admi- re to carve it from scratch and even go further.“ So he followed the lead of Brubaker and Cooper and teamed up with the renowned Italian percussionist and jazz musician Daniele Di Gregorio to completely rewire ”Two Pages“ into a gorgeous piece of endlessly modulating ambient electronica.

Laurel Halo, the second remixer on ”Glassforms Versions“, does not need a long introduction either: the American musician is at the forefront of electronic music in 2020, a bright star today after releasing her debut ”Quarantine“ on Hyperdub in 2012. Her remix of ”Opening“ brings to mind the string section of an orchestra tuning their violins before the performance – forever. They glide in and out of tune, sometimes individually, then together, then are accompanied by keys that are most likely a ghostly representation of Brubaker’s piano, sampled and pitched down, but sound almost jazzy in the context of Halo’s remix. It’s a blissful listening experience, calling to mind her recent collaboration with cellist Oliver Coates on ”Raw Silk Uncut Wood“ and showing a deep understanding of Philip Glass’ work.

Sound artist Tegh is the third on the remix bill – the electronic musician from Teheran delivers his take on “Two Pages“, once again showcasing how versatile, how inherently complex the works of Philip Glass are. They can be interpreted in a of ways – Tegh’s version is a bounding, brooding piece filled with raw energy that feels like it is performed live, just for you, every single time you listen. His version is, at first, much more focused on the underlying moods, electronic undercurrents of the original than Dozzy’s version, and yet, when the piano finally does break through, it becomes clear that we are listening to Philip Glass, reflected manifold: through the piano of Bruce Brubaker, the synths of Max Cooper, and then again through the mind of the artist Tegh.

Concluding the new ”Glassforms Versions” are two previously unheard edits of ”Two Pages” and ”Opening“ also present on the 12″ Vinyl version. It’s difficult to edit a piece of minimalistic beauty without losing it’s essence, but Max Cooper – after many efforts and close conversations with Bruce Brubaker – managed to bring these two shorter edits into a satisfying, conclusive form.

Listen / Order ‘Glassforms’ 2LP 
 More about Bruce Brubaker


Rone is nominated for the César 2021​ for Best Original Score – “La Nuit Venue”

Rone composed the original score of Frédéric Farrucci’s first feature film ‘La Nuit Venue’ (Koro Films) → Listen/Buy


This French thriller with Camelia Jordana and Guang Ho tells the figure of a Chinese Dj and musician who immigrated illegally to Paris and works as a taxi driver by night to pay his debt.

“La Nuit Venue” is Rone’s first original score. The soundtrack features known pieces (“So So So”, “Parade”, “Bye Bye Macadam”, “Brest”…) as well as previously unreleased ones (“La Nuit Venue” feat. Camelia Jordana, “Vers Marseille”…), that sublimely rhythms the nighttime atmosphere.

Rone won two awards for best original score at La Baule and Saint-Jean-de-Luz film festivals.


Best Music Award @ Saint-Jean-de-Luz Film Festival 2019

Best Music Award @ La Baule Film & Music Festival 2019

“La Nuit Venue appartient à la famille de ces grands films noirs qui savent donner à un propos résolument politique les atours de la beauté” – Télérama ★★★★

“Une alchimie et une petite mélodie très séduisante”  – Le Nouvel Observateur ★★★

Frieder Nagel

‘The Arrival’ EP by Frieder Nagel

What remains of art; how can music be experienced when they are locked behind closed doors?

InFiné is proud to present ‘The Arrival’, the new work of Frieder Nagel – a four track EP that was inspired by his interactive outdoor sound-art installation “Sonido Blanco”: conceived, planned and put on during the global pandemic in 2020. What remains of art; how can music be experienced when they are locked behind closed doors? Music, for one, is not just an auditory experience – sound waves travel through our entire body, we feel connected with others at a concert or festival, and a club experience is above all a social one.

When Frieder Nagel got the invite to use a part of the city park Nuremberg for an installation, he teamed up with light artist Stephan Scheiderer “to make music livable again”: When park goers passed by an old, majestic plane tree, it automatically sprung to life (thanks to some complicated motion sensors installed and hidden by the two) – and the first soft notes of “Calm Territory” beckoned people to stop and spend some time by this historic tree. In intact primeval forests, all measurable frequencies of the audio spectrum are covered by the sounds of birds, insects or mammals. The more balanced the volumes of the individual frequency bands are in relation to each other, the more relaxing the effect on human hearing – as with the rustling of leaves, wind, waves or raindrops. This effect in combination with the actual sounds of the park and the background noises of the city rushing by is what Frieder Nagel wanted to evoke with “Calm Territory”, the opener of ‘The Arrival’.

The second track “Into The Open” feels like an intro for a non-existing concert: constantly building, rising to a non-existent release. One could perfectly imagine this piece as the first track of a DJ set, a promise of an unforgettable night that could sadly not be kept in 2020. It is directly followed by “Para” – Nagels’ first ever composition – that works as a resemblance of live music performance on the EP. It is a subtle work of minimalist, orchestral music that was rearranged over years and should be recognizable to those who are familiar with the artists classical performances. On this EP we can hear Nagel perform “Para” live with the Deutsche Symphony Orchestra of Berlin.

The title-track ‘The Arrival’, the last track of the release, starts with an elegiac, then increasingly urgent array of synthesizers and different noise generators that make it clear that we are entering a final phase. It tells the story of an encounter with something yet unknown. At that point of the sound-art installation, the tree was completely illuminated, drenched in an abstract myriad of colors, making the impression it could lift off and leave this earth at any second. It’s a droning, epic climax to a an otherwise relatively subdued EP – in it, you can sense that the artist is longing for the arrival of a new perspective, a solution to a year in limbo.

While spending over two months working on the installation, Nagel and Scheiderer realized that they, too, had been unconsciously influenced by the piece: spending their nights under the majestic branches to find a combination of light and sound that would do justice to the extraordinary atmosphere of this huge, almost 300 years old plane tree. The aim was to put the trees’ magic into focus, to get passersby out of their comfort zone, to meet again and converse with people from different backgrounds and to spend time outdoors in a year that was meant for staying home. Young boys with a blaring Bluetooth speaker went quiet and watched, elderly ladies sat on a bench, listened and ate cake – others were moved to tears by the audiovisual drama that played out in front of them. Music and art had become – even for just a moment – a livable, breathable experience again.

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→  More about Frieder Nagel 


Rone & Friends: First single “Waves of Devotion” feat. Georgia

Rone announces a new series of collaborations with Georgia, Flavien Berger, Yael Naim, Dominique A, and a dozen other performers

In March 2020, the sudden halt of his shows with the National Ballet of Marseille and the dance collective (La) Horde at the Châtelet Theatre Paris left a void that prompted Rone to invite a few of his friends to sing along to his music. From these life-saving collaborations, a musical refuge was born, an essential Rone album to be released this spring.

The first single from Rone & Friends is a romance dreamed up by the English singer Georgia, based on the instrumental of “Ginkgo Biloba”. The sequels were written with Yael Naim, Flavien Berger, Dominique A and many others — a total of 16 performers from all walks of life for 12 titles.

This adventure has been illustrated by Corinne Rey aka “Coco” (Charlie Hebdo, Les Inrockuptibles…), who designed à cover and a collection of unpublished drawings to be discovered together with the music.


About Georgia
Georgia Rose Harriet Barnes aka Georgia, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London, UK, is further carving out her place in the international music scene – topping the UK Indie Charts with a sophomore album firmly rooted on the dancefloor titled “Seeking Thrills“ in 2020. She has worked with industry heavyweights like Damon Albarn and won the AIM Independent Music Award “One to watch” in 2019, followed by nominations for NME, Mercury and MTV EMA awards in 2020. Her collaboration with Rone called “Waves of Devotion” is an ode to romance based on the instrumental of “Gingko Biloba” and kicks of the exciting campaign of ‘Rone & Friends’.

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InFiné Box #1 (Winter edition)

© Artwork: David Normant

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For 15 years now, InFiné has played the role of a musical activist and has been able to support independent creation thanks to an informed public aware of the direct impact of its purchases. This loyal and demanding public is, like our team, an essential element of our artistic independence. What would become of our artists’ music, how could we pursue our quest for innovation and diversity without listeners?

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• 2 InFiné albums
1 new release + 1 masterpiece of our catalogue
• All our latest EPs for download
• Merch & goodies from our artists and partners
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Rone x Virginie Kypriotis “Esperanza” Video

Rone shares new animated video for “Esperanza”, directed by Virginie Kypriotis, produced by VFX studio Mathematic TV & Code

A journey through time, from the birth of the Earth and Humanity to a futuristic society on the verge of collapse. “Esperanza”’s video lets us relive the mutations of a world in perpetual evolution, sometimes rich and flourishing, sometimes concrete and arid but always animated by the march of man and his rituals. Paradoxically, man is destructive, he monopolises his environment to build endless citadels of skyscrapers, he locks himself up in closed and sterile spaces or in wired virtual universes — yet he is also the one who carries within him the meaning of life, who carries nature in his actions, in his dances, in his aesthetic representations or in his projections towards the future.

This hypnotic animated video intelligently mixes the depth of 3D movement with 2D organic characters. A dystopian world, highlighted by finely composed, powerfully crafted images, reminds us that we must not lose sight of where we come from and where we are going. The young director, Virginie Kypriotis, who has distinguished herself with the official video for Foals’ “Like Lightning“, returns to the theme of environmental awareness, concluding with the same light of hope.

The highlight of Rone’s album ‘Room With A View’, “Esperanza” is a luminous and cinematic piece of hope. It is also a pivotal title of the performance ‘Room With A View’, produced with the avant-garde dance company La Horde and Ballet National de Marseille, which took place in March 2020 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and which is inspired by the “end of the world“ and questions of “collapsology“. “I wanted to make a piece that is sunny and optimistic, that uplifts you, encourages you to fight,
to see things in a positive light“ says Rone.

With “Esperanza“, like in his first video clip “Spanish Beakfast”, Rone is back to the world of animated videos, including the now mythical “Bye Bye Macadam“ by Dimitri Stankowicz, but also “Origami“ or “Mirapolis”. It is also the fourth clip from “Room With A View” which deals with themes such as over-consumption (“Ginkgo Biloba”), the relationship between individuals (“Nouveau Monde”), a questioning of the foundations of humanity (“Human”) or the impact of the health crisis on artistic creation (“Room with a View”).

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