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Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy live @ La Cigale



Catch Blick Bassy live in Paris on January 24th @ La Cigale! → Tickets

La Cigale
120 boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart
Métro Pigalle (ligne 12) & Métro Anvers (ligne 2)

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InFiné albums of the year – 25% off


Artwork: Motoplastic

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We’ve decided to offer you a 25% discount on all our catalog until December, 8th.  It’s a chance to take a closer look at InFiné’s ‘albums of the year’ – the ones you’ve loved and might consider giving as gifts, the ones you’ve missed and are discovering in a new light.

Leonie Pernet

Ziggy Stardust by Léonie Pernet

Léonie Pernet presents new EP ‘Ziggy Stardust’ on InFiné & CryBaby → Listen

A key figure on the French indie-pop scene and proud representative of the collaboration between the InFiné & Crybaby labels, Léonie Pernet breaks with her usual habits to present two previously unreleased reinterpretations of «It Ain’t Easy» and «Rock’N’Roll Suicide» from David Bowie’s cult album, «The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars».

«2033, humanity has only five years to live. Léonie Stardust, a non-binary extraterrestrial, has taken refuge in Niger, while Africa is now a celestial body orbiting the sun. But they return with a final message of hope. ».

This is the scenario imagined by the artist, who reappropriated the album when it was commissioned by the Printemps de Bourges and Avignon Festivals. From these unanimously acclaimed first concerts comes a 2-track EP recorded live, offering a retro-futuristic, even afro-futuristic reinterpretation, skilfully blending percussion, synthesizers, bass and violin.

«Being practically a virgin to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust myth, I approached the album rather insolently», the artist confided to Les Inrockuptibles.

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Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy get remixed by CLARAGUILAR

Blick Bassy returns with a new remix from ‘Bengue’, taken from his previous album ‘Madiba’ released on InFiné → Stream/Buy

CLARAGUILAR, Barcelona-based producer and composer signed on the renowned LAPSUS label, unveils her transformative remix of Blick Bassy’s ‘Bengue,’ and takes us on a transcendental musical experience. In this ethereal and ambient journey, CLARAGUILAR breathes new life into the original, reimagining it with an innovative twist.

CLARAGUILAR’s interpretation of ‘Bengue’ is a captivating fusion of pop-chamber arrangements, delicately produced with brooding synths and subtle vocal manipulations. As the track progresses, it seamlessly transitions into a dynamic soundscape with a hint of drum and bass, adding an exciting edge to the experience. This climactic shift is intensified by glitching, pitch-perfect vocal loops. In the last minute of the remix, the ambiance shifts into breakbeat with a slight drum and bass edge, layered with glitching pitched vocals looping hypnotically

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UTO is back with new single ‘Zombie’

InFiné’s enfants terribles are back with mysterious new single ‘Zombie’ → Stream / Buy


Zombie’ by the French band UTO is a captivating blend of electronic rock in 2023, drawing inspiration from Sonic Youth, Stereolab, and The Chemical Brothers. It’s a haunting journey into love, desire, and the supernatural. 

The lyrics tell a cursed love story between a human and a monster, offering a seductive yet ominous allure. UTO masterfully combines electronic elements, synthesizers, and computer-generated sounds to create a contemporary yet ‘90s-reminiscent sonic landscape. 

With ‘Zombie’, you’ll be swept away by dark romance and electrifying danger. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing odyssey that’s both desirable and dangerous. Beware in 2024…

Next gig: 02.12 – Creil – La Grange À Musique

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Murcof / Twin Color

Murcof/Simon Geilfus present Twin Color live @ IRCAM (.Electro-Odyssée)

Thu 30 November 2023, + Fri 1 December 2023, 8 p.m. @ Ircam – Espace de projection → Infos & Tickets

Under the name Murcof, Fernando Corona has released a series of landmark albums, including MartesUtopia, and Cosmos.. minimalist, micro-polyphonic, soaring music. Now known as Twin Color, Murcof and visual artist Simon Geilfus fuse video and electronics, futuristic sound design and the nostalgia of pop electronics with analog synthesis.

Inserting video game codes into a contemplative world, Twin Color also offers viewers the chance to explore a virtual world, the same environment generating both music and video. A universe permeated by the ghosts of Caspar David Friedrich and the photographer and painter Beksinski.

Pierre Carré – IRCAM Computer music designer
Fernando Corona (aka Murcof)/Simon Geilfus – Twin Color – Premiere 2023


Labelle release party @ Le Centquatre-Paris on November 30

Don’t miss electronic maloya composer Labelle’s release party in Paris on November 30th at Centquatre → Get Tickets!


An adventurous composer brilliantly navigating the confluence of diverse musical sources, Labelle celebrates the release of his new album, NOIR ANIMA, entirely irrigated by a desire for dance and trance.

At the end of a multi-stage creative process initiated in 2018, NOIR ANIMA was finalized in 2023. A vibrant blend of electro and maloya – the emblematic music of La Réunion – it reflects a feverish quest to liberate the body through music, and vice versa. “To feel the moment, to be, to marvel at being, to melt into the present”, says Labelle.

With this fifth album, released like the previous ones by the excellent InFiné label, the musician – as forward-looking as ever, ten years after emerging – enriches with intense new nuances his fundamentally hybrid language oscillating between the West and the Indian Ocean. Developed in part during residencies at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the live album accompanying NOIR ANIMA is unveiled here for the first time, in the immediate wake of the album’s release.

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Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker releases new album ‘Eno Piano’

Bruce Brubaker releases new album ‘Eno Piano’, dedicated to Brian Eno’s music on InFiné → Stream / Order

Photo by Devin Doyle

‘As Brian Eno famously said, “The studio is a musical instrument,” Bruce Brubaker now says, “A musical instrument can be a studio.” On November 10, 2023, InFiné will release American musician Bruce Brubaker’s 12th studio album Eno Piano, including a selection of Brian Eno’s iconic ambient music, including Music for Airports. The intertwining of music and technology, and personal collaboration that were vital to the making of Eno Piano mirror Brian Eno’s lifetime of collaboration and musical community-making. These tracks are the music of Eno, with the significant contributions of Rhett Davies, Robert Wyatt, Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Rodelius, Harold Budd, Jon Hopkins, and Leo Abrahams. Eno Piano isn’t just the title of an album. Brubaker says: “I played a Steinway piano in the recording sessions. But, through using electromagnetic bows and additional ways of making the piano vibrate, I wanted to make a new instrument, an ‘Eno piano.’” Sonically, the record is a combination of Bruce’s piano playing, and piano sounds made using new electromagnetic “bows” that vibrate strings inside the piano creating drone notes. Brubaker’s music-making reveals this repertoire to be an intense expression of humanity.’

Tour dates

07 + 08.10.23  – PARIS – Philharmoniedeparis (Eno Piano)
29.11.23 – PITTSBURGH (US) – Carnegie Mellon University (Eno piano) 
23.02.24 – NEW YORK CITY (US) – National Sawdust
05.04.24 – HAMBURG (DE) – KD Palme
07.04.24 – NANTES – Variations Festival


Cindy Pooch – New video for ‘Nyanga’ by Marco dos Santos

Cindy Pooch reveals new music video for ‘NYANGA’, taken from her debut album ‘In Nomine Corpus’ → Watch

Nyanga is about resisting the urge to please at all costs, about refusing to be impeccable, about the power of being and freedom.

This manifesto is carried by performers Marie-Ange Ladikpo and Hava Hudry, whose raw, embodied presence delivers this message of authenticity in a setting stripped of artifice.

With this music video, Cindy Pooch shows her idea of femininity and her rejection of society’s superficial standards of beauty. Nyanga means coquetry, caprice and show-off in Cameroonian. “Nyanga” is an incisive track that accompanies the release of her debut album, In Nomine Corpus, unveiled on September 29, 2023.

Live @ La Maroquinerie on 06.03 



Labelle – New video ‘L’homme félin’ by KidKreol & Boogie


Reunion-based producer Labelle releases the music video for ‘L’homme félin’, following his new album ‘NOIR ANIMA’ → Watch

L’Homme Félin is about a dream that has become a vision. That of a black feline, which emerges like a mirror of the self, and which we decide to approach, embody and cross. Choreographer Didier Boutiana has created and performed a series of movements developing the stages of this encounter, from its appearance in the depths of oneself, to its resurgence in a trance-turned-dance, which at the climax of its incarnation ends in its fading away. Kid Kreol & Boogie have captured and edited these movements with their own iconography to create the video for the track.

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Cindy Pooch live @ La Maroquinerie

Join us for Cindy Pooch’s release party in Paris on March 6th at La Maroquinerie! → Tickets

Wednesday, March 6th 2023

La Maroquinerie
23 rue Boyer
75020 Paris
Metro : Gambetta, Pelleport ou Ménilmontant

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Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker unveils second single of his new album ‘Eno Piano’

Directed by Thomas Rabillon

Bruce Brubaker shares second single ‘Emerald and Stone’ of his 12th album ‘Eno Piano’, out November 10th → Stream / Pre-order

Eno Piano, American pianist Bruce Brubaker’s forthcoming work is a study of Brian Eno’s pioneering ambient compositions, and began originally as a reinterpretation of the groundbreaking 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Bruce quickly conceived of the idea to expand the album’s repertoire beyond just this Airports, adding in shorter pieces from across Eno’s catalog. One such piece, “Emerald and Stone”, was a collaboration between Eno, classically trained electronic composer Jon Hopkins, and Leo Abrahams from their 2010 album Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

Though short and circular, and less tape-loop dependent than perhaps the selections from Ambient 1, the piece is just as expansive and boundaryless as any of the longest selections. A simple, slow, and steady melody tip-toes gently across beautifully voiced piano arpeggios. This is Brubaker—the master of the minimalist touch—at his best. 

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New soundtrack : Rone x D’Argent & de Sang, by Xavier Giannoli



Rone signs the soundtrack of CANAL+ Original series “D’Argent & De Sang”, the most anticipated series of the year!→ Listen / Pre-order

“D’Argent & de Sang” is the latest creation from French producer Erwan Castex, known as Rone, famous for acclaimed albums such as “Room with a View” and “Tohu Bohu”, who won a César for his first soundtrack for Frédéric Farrucci’s film “La Nuit Venue” in 2021 and the award for best soundtrack at the Cannes Film Festival for Jacques Audiard’s “Les Olympiades”.

Initially entitled “Tikkoun”, the next CANAL+ original series “D’Argent & De Sang” is produced by Curiosa Films and directed by multi-César winner Xavier Giannoli (with “Lost Ilusions in 2021), with whom the composer worked closely to develop a subtle blend of electronic and classical sounds, a field in which Rone’s reputation is well established. “By mixing classical orchestral textures with modern electronic elements, I wanted to symbolise the heterogeneity of the worlds that intersect in this story”.

The first part of the series, which features among many others Vincent Lindon is broadcasted in France on Canal + from 16 October 2023.

→ Listen 
→ More about Rone


Labelle – New album ‘Noir Anima’ out now!

Labelle shares his new album ‘Noir Anima’, a transcendental journey through hybrid styles → Stream / Pre-order

Artworks by Kid Kreol & Boogie 

Jérémy Labelle’s new album NOIR ANIMA submerges itself in the darker recesses of the psyche. Labelle’s latest release is a reflective portrait of a soul enshrouded by the darkness of night, inching towards a euphoric morning. Over the last decade, the Réunion Island-based composer has made a name for himself exploring syncretic religion and philosophy throughout his work and, for his fifth studio album, his search for truth has turned inwards. On NOIR ANIMA, we are offered a glimpse into the emotional state of the artist making this extraordinary and dynamic music.

Since 2013’s Ensemble, Labelle has been dovetailing the techno that so captivated his imagination as a teenager, with traditional Maloya music – native to the French overseas department where he grew up and still lives. “I’ve always been striving to make the perfect connection between techno – and especially the Detroit techno which is my first love – and the Maloya from Réunion, which is my second love and is connected very deeply with my family and my ancestors,” says Jérémy. This distinct artistic direction has earned Labelle this thoughtful analysis from The Quietus, “Playing on the themes of universality versus individualism…[Labelle] bring[s] together a wealth of instrumentation, compositional influences and collaborations to embody the métissage, the cultural braiding, of Labelle’s heritage.”

While 2022’s Éclat won plaudits for its swerve towards the classical, NOIR AMINA is moreso a continuation of where 2017’s Univers-île left off, bringing mystical and analogue elements together with pulsating rhythmic and electronica components. Here the tracks are perfectly balanced, with a sense of equilibrium throughout. Labelle’s latest work showcases an interdependency that is rare in the streaming age, best exemplified by these three tracks that act as a de facto centerpiece: Voir le point, Entre-allée and Ciel.

These tracks take us on a progressive and slightly psychedelic journey (as does the album when played in its entirety). Voir le point elicits a brief moment of enlightenment experienced on a dancefloor, a kind of optical event horizon when a dancer enters a state of trance; Entré-Allée represents an impasse where the protagonist is enveloped by euphoric noise: “It’s a neologism in French for the very little streets between two buildings, two universes, two cultures, meeting in this unmapped space between things” explains Jérémy; and Ciel – or sky – celebrates a moment of pure ecstasy where the head lifts clean off and nirvana is achieved.

My wife taught me to dance again,” says Jérémy, proudly. “Coming out of the COVID period, she took me to parties and I rediscovered the pleasure of dancing again after many years. This can be a consequence of making electronic music because you lose that sense of pleasure when you’re involved in the mechanics of the thing. So, in my history, many women have given me things, and I understand the archetype of the woman in my way of thinking. This is why the album is called NOIR ANIMA because anima is the feminine part of human psyche.”

Jérémy cites two other women in particular who’ve given him profound offerings: his mother, who introduced him to electronic music when he was a child, chiefly through synthesizer legend Jean-Michel Jarre. And then there is the woman who gave him his family name: “When I was doing the research these past five years or so for this album, I discovered the origin of my name, Labelle. The first Labelle was a woman, and a slave, and she received her name after the slavery period. When my ancestors were freed, the French colonial administration created a lot of names for these new citizens.”

The NOIR part of the album title, meanwhile, refers to le chat noir prowling in the psyche: not the fabled nightspot of fin-de-siècle Montmartre or the Art Nouveau posters that linger ubiquitously around French cafes, but more a hypnagogic spirit animal or taliscat. “When I was a child,” remembers Jérémy, “I had a lot of dreams about a black feline, and many times in my dreams, I was the black feline. I was running not only with my feet but also with my hands, and I connected to the archetypes of femininity in the black feline. So for me, it represents what type of energy is inside me when I’m making electronic and traditional music together.”

That energy is put to good use on transcendental bangers like ‘Danse Chamane’, which recreates a ritual melody used by the San People of Namibia, and ‘Instant clair intemporel’, with a pulverizing groove that will help inveterate dancefloor abstainers find their feet again. NOIR ANIMA is Labelle’s most accomplished and profound offering to date, and proof that Jérémy Labelle is forever Jungian.

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Club InFiné: Lucie Antunes + Labelle

InFiné invites you to the latest editions of our international label night. Join us for a showcase of avant-garde music with pop elements, diverse emerging talents and all things InFiné.

Our co-headliners this time are renowned French composer, percussionist, and producer Lucie Antunes and  Réunion Islands’ leading producer of Maloya electronic music, Labelle.  Both projects represent the exciting genre-leaping soundscapes that InFiné has been cultivating for more than 15 years. Join us for a night of sonic experiences brought to you from one of the pioneering French labels of experimental and neoclassical music.

Lucie Antunes Live –  Paris/France

Lucie Antunes is coming off the heels of opening the renowned Parisien festival Rock en Seine this August, following the release of her critically acclaimed second album Carnaval.  Already lauded in France, Antunes unites the pop world with the avant-garde, with a crossover appeal that traverses genres and borders with ease. Her live shows are an infectious and joyous display of club music with an organic sensibility. 

Labelle Live – Réunion Island

Labelle is in the midst of releasing his highly anticipated new album Noir Anima, where he masterfully unites Maloya (traditional Réunionais music) and electronics colored with Indian and African touches, to give birth to a new shape flirting with universality. On stage, Labelle’s live performances invite the public into a deep meditative state, guided by dance, leading you into a trance.

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Cindy Pooch reveals her debut album ‘In Nomine’ Corpus

Cindy Pooch share her very first album ‘In Nomine Corpus’ on InFiné → Listen

With her debut album “In Nomine Corpus”, Cindy Pooch redefines French pop music, interpolating her angelic vocals with poetic lyrics supported by a minimalist production by Seb Martel, her labelmate on renowned French label InFiné.  This album is carried masterfully by a playful and powerful Cindy. Her lyrics address strong themes of feminine actualization using her Cameroonian dialect to convey this inner questioning. The result is a universal album that is folk-pop, with an experimental flare.

Born in France, Cindy grew up in Yaoundé, Cameroon before moving to Lyon to study literature, while following her passion for music as a self-taught artist.  A very active singer and composer, she has been writing and exploring for several years a wide range of music: trip hop, soul, maloya, as well as music from Central Africa and Latin America.  While until now she has often performed for others, she is about to release her first solo album, more intimate and introspective, with the label Infiné. Her artistic experiments are mainly motivated by the desire to use voice, words and sound sensations as tools to trigger or accompany healing processes.

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lucie antunes

New remixes: Lucie Antunes gets remixed by DJ Danifox & DK



Lucie Antunes is back with the delightful EP ‘Vous Êtes Parfait.e.s’ → Listen

On the heels of her critically acclaimed second album Carnaval, a series of remixes, and opening the renowned Parisian festival Rock En Seine, French composer, percussionist, and producer Lucie Antunes is back with the delightful EP, “Vous êtes Parfait.e.s.”

On this EP, we center around the Carnaval mid-album track Vous êtes Parfait.e.s (meaning “You are Perfect”, in gender-neutral French) and two new remixes. It’s a track that is near and dear to Lucie, with her explaining, “I…needed to have a song like Vous êtes parfait.e.s…I needed love. I need to be in a very good mood.” The song is a triumphant ode to the non-binary, with Lucie fusing electronic elements with organic sounds resulting in a festive and sensory trance, highlighted by the unrelenting mantra: “You are Perfect”, with Lucie reminding us to love ourselves as we are.

The first remix is at the hands of Lisbon-born producer DJ Danifox. The track’s previously straightforward, bouncy dance beat is flipped under the shuffling batida, or a musical rhythmic discipline created in Lisbon’s Afro-diasporic underground, where Danifox was born. Sparse piano and chopped vocals proclaiming the title of the track adorn the new vision of the track in the hands of the exciting and fresh producer. 

Building on the marimba element of Lucie’s original production, Parisien producer D.K. offers a charming cascading remix combining rhythm melodic percussion, reverberant gamelan patterns and rich textures.

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New video: Introducing Cindy Pooch’s first album ‘In Nomine Corpus’

Learn more about Cindy Pooch’s creation process of her debut album ‘In Nomine Corpus’ → Watch

With her debut album ‘In Nomine Corpus’, Cindy Pooch redefines French pop music, interpolating her angelic vocals with poetic lyrics, supported by the artistic supervision and arrangements of Seb Martel, her labelmate on InFiné. This album is carried masterfully by a playful and powerful Cindy. The result is a universal album that blends folk-pop with an experimental flair.

Video directed by Thomas Rabillon

More about Cindy Pooch

05.10.23 – PARIS – Showcase Balades Sonores
06.10.23 – TOULOUSE – Showcase Le Métronome
19.10.23 – LYON – Showcase Tiki Vinyl Store
07.12.23 – RENNES – Bars en Trans (Théâtre de la Parcheminerie)
06.03.24 – PARIS – La Maroquinerie 


Rone shares new EP En(co)re


Rone unveils a four-tracks collection live recorded with the National Orchestra of Lyon conducted by Dirk Brossé → Listen

On En(co)re, Rone rounds out his grandiose playground with four unreleased seminal pieces from his peak-time club production bag, carefully extracted from his live performance with the Orchestre National de Lyon and fine-tuned into a totally fresh listening experience.
The first, Vood(oo) is a powerful and dramatic crescendo, with electronic synths battling percussion and brass instruments on the stage of a battlefield. This is followed by So So So, a racing track where Rone and the Orchestre de Lyon masterfully become fusional, blurring the line between electronic and classical. Next is Parade, a gently epic production supported by an enthralling melody that’s equally physical and spiritual. The veil between the public and the performance lifts for the final track, a grand reprise of Rone’s hit song Bye Bye Macadam bookmarked by the enthusiastic applause of the audience.

With En(co)re, Rone proves he still has something to say. On October 13th, Arte will diffuse the L(oo)ping film on television nationally, where audiences can finally experience the thrilling universe of Rone, as never seen before.

13 + 14.04.24 – LIÈGE (BE) – Salle Philharmonique w/ Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège conducted by Dirk Brossé  sold out

More about Rone

Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker announces new album dedicated to Brian Eno’s iconic ambient music


Bruce Brubaker releases the first single of his 12th album ‘Eno Piano’, out November 10th → Stream / Pre-order

As Brian Eno famously said, “The studio is a musical instrument,” Bruce Brubaker now says, “A musical instrument can be a studio.” On November 10, 2023, InFiné will release American musician Bruce Brubaker’s 12th studio album Eno Piano, including a selection of Brian Eno’s iconic ambient music, including Music for Airports.

Can a single instrument convey ambient music originally made through studio techniques and tape loops? Eno Piano is a companion to Bruce Brubaker’s acclaimed album Glass Piano (2015) — even the two album covers are companions. Named by Pitchfork “one of the most exciting pianists in the contemporary American classical scene,” Brubaker, in Eno Piano, shows that just as the studio can be a musical instrument, a single musical instrument can be a studio.

Brian Eno’s music is a significant part of the repetition-based musical minimalism practiced by Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and others in the late 20th century. In 1971, Philip Glass performed at the Royal College of Art in London. In the audience were two 23-year-olds: David Bowie and Brian Eno. Glass’s music was a fundamental influence on Eno. Then later, Glass wrote three symphonies based on the three albums of Eno and Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. Eno Piano acknowledges a deep artistic bond. Additional tracks will be released in early 2024.

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