O’o “Touche” remixed by Coco Em and Eat My Butterfly

Reworked for outdoor escapades and dystopian dancefloors, and reduced to its most naked form, the eponymous track from O’o’ s first album remains an indispensable piece of organic floral music. Stream/Buy

Vocalist Victoria Suter’s playful and mischievous lyrics describe the delicate tango between an insect and a plant which attracts a male insect by emitting the scent of the female of the species to be pollinated. The male insect engages in a senseless pursuit, as he drains himself of energy in hopes of finding a mate. Like sirens on the shore, the flower calls out to the insect, leaving him stranded with nothing to show for himself. The lyrics and vocal performance are accompanied by a mischievous and subtle electro track from producer Mathieu Daubigné with fluttering synths, gentle piano notes, and a groovy and unconventionally danceable rhythm.

The Acapella version that opens the EP is a sensual gem with a wispy atmosphere and a lustful sadness. The hypnotized insect is trapped by the intoxicating and heady melody like a noxious perfume.

The young Reunionese producer Eat My Butterfly tropicalises the original track with a bestial and poetic mix of wandering bass and tribal percussion and transforms the mosquito’s nuptial dance into an enchanting trance.

Built for the darkest hours of the dancefloors, Nairobi’s newcomer Coco Em‘s remix on InFiné retains the melodic backbone of the original track, while projecting a fascinating dystopian veil of percussion and synthesizer layers.

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UTO gets remixed by NxxxxxS

UTO meets young pioneer NxxxxxS. Listen to “Heavy Metal” remix out now on all platforms → Stream

In the French producer’s hands, the driving trip hop/witch pop jam gets evaporated into thin air and transmuted into an alternate state. “Heavy Metal” (NxxxxxS Remix) is a track for disintegrating into your sofa at 2am, as the dull light from your 90’s cathode ray TV plays cartoon reruns softly in the background… Spotted by Diplo, NxxxxxS is also associated with FreddieDredd, Soudiere, DjSmokey and DjYung Vamp and played with Asap Rocky or Skepta.

25.08.22 – PARIS – Rock en seine
09.09.22 – VIENNA – Waves Vienna (AU)
30.09.22 – CAEN – Le Cargo
30.10.22 – STRASBOURG – La Laiterie
05.11.22 – MASSY – Les Primeurs de Massy (Paul B)
17.11.22 – NANTES – Le Stereolux (w/ Jacques)
18.11.22 – RENNES – L’Antipode

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New remix: Bottler “Cicada Rhythm” by Prins Thomas

Cicada Rhythm, the vibrant and psychedelic album closer from Bottler’s debut Journey Work, has found itself new life in the hands of Oslo disco legend Prins Thomas Stream/Buy

Receiving the coveted “Diskomiks” tag from the creative producer, composer, and DJ means each moment from the original track is extrapolated across a new sonic timeline. The track begins in a familiar way, with singer Pat Butler’s vocal loops slowly building into the foreground, and Phil Shore’s technicolor synthesizer additions gaining prominence as the track progresses. Each element of the song is given it’s own moment to shine, anchored by the bass guitar, hand percussion, and steady disco drive that make a Prins Thomas Diskomiks unmistakable. A perfect selection for hazy discotheques and open air summer festivals, Bottler’s “Cicada Rhythm (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)” is out July 15th on InFiné.


“Motion” by Vanessa Wagner, Rone & Kaito

Discover Vanessa Wagner and Rone ‘s new piano version of “Motion” with an ambient remix by Japanese producer Kaito → Listen / Buy

An essential companion to her latest album, Motion EP by Vanessa Wagner revisits in depth “Motion” a piece released by Rone in 2019. The pianist leaves behind the electronic fireworks, and the epic accompaniment of Les Siècles orchestra of the original version to focus on its minimal and Glassian* foundation. With an audacious choice of rhythms, but always precise and intense in her playing, Vanessa unfurls a great movement, between technicality and contemplation, letting the sound textures resurface to better spatialize the listener’s experience. 

On the B-side, Japanese producer Kaito lifts spiritually “Motion” higher into the sky, doing justice to Vanessa’s arrangements while swirling the composition in a particularly cosmic and immersive synth wave.

About Motion : The original piece was released in 2019 and is based on a collaboration between electronic producer Rone, arranger Romain Allander, Les Siècles orchestra conducted by Francois Xavier Roth and the pianist Vanessa Wagner. 

21.07 – Alise Sainte Reine – Festival Images Sonores (récital)
23.07 – Sâou – Festival Sâou Chante Mozart (Récital)
25 + 26.07 – La Meije Festival Messiaen (Dusapin)
28.07 – Argenton sur Creuse – Festival Les Intemporelles (récital)
01 + 02.08 – Chaillol Festival (This is America 2 pianos)
04.08 – Pau – Festival Pierres Lyriques (récital)
15.09 – Paris – Café de la Danse
16.09 – Lyon – Les Subsistances – Festival Optimisme Ambient
15.12.22 – St Nazaire – Théâtre Scène Nationale
17.01 – St Sebastien sur Loire – L’Embarcadère
27.01 – Rouen – Conservatoire
03.02 – Brest – Conservatoire

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Vanessa Wagner live in Paris – Café de la Danse

Live at Café de la Danse Paris – September 15th, 2022 → Infos & Tickets

With her latest album Study Of The Invisible, French pianist Vanessa Wagner continues her exploration of the minimalist repertoire by introducing her audience to pieces, many rare or unpublished, by acclaimed composers, young pianists, and genre-bending personalities from the ambient and electronic scenes. The album features interpretations of pieces by a spectrum of composers that includes Suzanne Ciani, Harold Budd, David Lang, Bryce Dessner and Phillip Glass.

14.07 – Chambord Festival (récital sur piano silent)
19.07 La Roque D’Anthéron Festival International de Piano (récital)
21.07 Alise Sainte Reine – Festival Images Sonores (récital)
23.07- Sâou – Festival Sâou Chante Mozart (Récital)
25 + 26.07 – La Meije Festival Messiaen (Dusapin)
28.07 – Argenton sur Creuse – Festival Les Intemporelles (récital)
01 + 02.08 – Chaillol Festival (This is America 2 pianos)
04.08 – Pau – Festival Pierres Lyriques (récital)
15.09 – Paris – Café de la Danse
16.09 – Lyon – Les Subsistances – Festival Optimisme Ambient
15.12.22 – St Nazaire – Théâtre Scène Nationale
17.01 – St Sebastien sur Loire – L’Embarcadère
27.01 – Rouen – Conservatoire
03.02 – Brest – Conservatoire

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Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee remix Léonie Pernet “Missing Love”

On “Missing Love”, the final track from Léonie Pernet‘s latest album, the singer, songwriter and percussionist expresses her dismay about the lack of love in Western societies. She mixes her own feelings, racial tensions, and the refugee crisis in an atmospheric and powerful electronic pop anthem.

“Missing Love” is remixed by Correspondant label boss Jennifer Cardini, and “dark disco” figurehead Damon Jee. With a kicking intro that quickly gives way to the hypnotic effects of Leonie’s elusive voice, the duo delivers a toxic bass sound and a terribly addictive synthesizer loop that openly advocates a dancefloor reaction.

→ Stream / Buy

Catch Léonie Pernet on tour
09.07.2022 – PARIS – Festival Days Off x Philharmonie de Paris
20.07.2022 – BOURGOGNE – Festival Image Sonore
03.09.2022 – BULLE – Francomanias de Bulle (CH)
17.09.2022 – EVREUX – Giascum
11.10.2022 – NANCY – Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations
03.11.2022 – VANNES – L’Echonova
18.11.2022 – MASSY – Paul B
26.01.2023 – POITIERS – Confort Moderne
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New single & video: Sabrina Bellaouel – WDNTBE

Sabrina Bellaouel is back with a powerful and hypnotic video to accompany the release of her new single “WDNTBE”, a remix of the original We Don’t Need To Be Enemies released in 2020 → Watch

“We Don’t Need To Be Enemies is a music of struggle, where each composition deals with issues related to sex, gender, societies or identity”

Imagined as a celebration of her Berber origins and of women around the world, the video delivers a powerful message mixing electronic music and oriental inspirations, embodied by the bewitching voice of the French-Algerian singer. The hypnotic feeling is intensified by the hyper aesthetic black and white visuals directed by Dorian PRS, with archival images of traditional Berber dances in the background.

“It’s our Algerian common origins and liking for the aesthetics of old Egyptian and Lebanese movies that drove our inspiration on this video. The images are taken from feature films and animation archives that illustrate the passionate story of Kaïs and Leïla in Arabic literature: two lovers who are opposed in substance, but bound forever by their souls. It’s a modern vision of our childhood memories and a tribute to these two protagonists whose story is close to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: infinitely beautiful, infinitely dramatic.” Sabrina Bellaouel

09.07.22 – BARCELONA – Laut (O’o release party)
15.07.22 – LA ROCHELLE – Festival Les Francofolies de la Rochelle
09.09.22 – SAINTES – Coconut Musical Festival

Listen / Buy ‘WDNTBE’
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Seb Martel

Announcing Seb Martel’s new album ‘Saturn 63’

French guitarist Seb Martel announces new album ‘Saturn 63, in collaboration with the Musée de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris Listen to “Blue Suede Shoes”

Photo: Laura Marie Cieplik
Design: MTPC


If the name Seb Martel is still unknown to you, the guitarist appears on the credits of classic albums from Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, Morcheeba or BlackaliciousSaturn 63, his new album on InFiné is dedicated to the exploration of the electric guitar in all its nuances. This new opus made from a selection of 9 guitars from the Musée de la Musique (a branch of the Philharmonie de Paris), and only enriched with the voices of his close collaborators (Camille, Sabrina Bellaouel, Vic Moan, Cindy Pooch…), unfolds on fourteen tracks a musical fresco faithful to the historical and geographical heritage of his instrument.  The album includes fascinating reworks of Carl Perkins, Benjamin Britten, Cavelas Vargas or Vincent Ségal in addition to his own compositions. However, adopting a dogmatic approach, and dressing his compositions with sounds and effects collected during the recordings, Martel offers an abstract and experimental edge to Saturm 63, which transports the listener into an out of time experience. Two famous names of the French Chanson, -M- and Mathieu Boogaerts joined Martel to close the album with the snapshot of a speechless improvised session.

New single “Blue Suede Shoes”
This is Vision of a three-way Wedding between Elvis Presley / Jeff Mills / Fred Frith and 11 guitars for witnesses” Seb Martel

Seb Martel’s rendition of classic Elvis number “Blue Suede Shoes” comes from his forthcoming album “Saturn 63”, InFiné records’ latest collaboration with Musée de la Musique. In just a few short minutes, Martel nods to a lifetime of influence from American rock’n’roll; everything from classic bluesmen John Lee Hooker and garage rockers The Stooges, to revivalists The Cramps/Flat Duo Jets and modern Elephant 6 indie/freak-folkers. Queasy, psyched-out guitar nods to early 90’s era Flaming Lips and Sonic Boom, creating a warm cradle for Martel’s trippy reimagining of Elvis’ ubiquitous lyrics. Here Martel was pushed to create unique polyrhythm and counterpoint through the use of the museum’s 11 guitars, and nothing else. “Blue Suede Shoes” is out everywhere on 29/06 via InFiné.

16.09.22 – Live with guests @ Centquatre-Paris

Pre-order the album

Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes – Sergeï Deluxe Edition

Three years after its release, Lucie Antunes’ debut album ‘Sergeï’ becomes ‘Sergeï Deluxe Edition’ with a new and unreleased track “Jacob” → Listen / Buy

Three years after its release, Sergeï grows up tp become Sergeï Deluxe Edition – a record enriched with four tracks recorded live at the Chorus festival in 2022 including a new and unreleased track: Jacob.

If the Sergeï EP in 2019 had been conceived in studio with the complicity of Chassol, Vincent Segal, Halo Maud, Julien Gasc, with this crazy idea to make without computer nor artifact an instrumental and percussive music cut for the dance and the night, this new amplified version ‘Sergeï Deluxe Edition’ is the fruit of three years spent (interspersed with a little of pandemic) defending the disc on the scenes of the biggest festivals: Printemps de Bourges, Francofolies, Chorus festival, MaMa, Bars en Trans, etc. As an extension of the studio, the stage becomes for Lucie Antunes a space of freedom and immense experimentation, a bridge between two waters that allows the ever-growing audience to move from one physical state to another.

Lucie Antunes’ live performances are real physical performances whose objective is clearly expressed: to push people to a trance with great blows of her marimba, vibraphone and drums.
With this record, once again, Lucie breaks the boundaries, shakes up the genres and makes the dancefloor more beautiful, softer, bigger, smarter and more open too.
Beyond the simple reissue of a memory, Sergei Deluxe is a unique pulse that carries us far, long and makes us dance on the carpet of the living room as intensely as on the stage of a festival.
On stage, Sergeï comes to life thanks to Lucie Antunes (drums, marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic (from the band Juveniles) on moog, prophet, percussion and modulars and Franck Berthoux, a long-time accomplice who processes the sound in real time on stage.

09.07 – Days off festival – Philharmonie de Paris w/ collectif Scale + Léonie Pernet  

Listen / Buy ‘Sergei Deluxe Edition’
More about Lucie Antunes


O’o release their debut album ‘Touche’

‘Touche’, the debut album of Barcelona-based experimental pop duo O’o is out now on Vinyl, CD & digital → Listen / Order

The sublime album debut of O’o inhabits the sonic hinterland where great pop meets the avant garde, and delectable melodies nestle gently with found sounds, musical moods and synthy atmospheres. Comparisons can be drawn with contemporaries like James Blake, Bjork, Laurie Anderson and even Lorde, though such an exercise is reductive given that O’o sound very much in a sonic universe all of their own. ‘Touche’ is subtle, nuanced, clever but never arch, emotional but never melodramatic.

O’o share many of the musical characteristics of their ornithological namesake. The Kaua’i Ō’Ō produced the most exquisite birdsong before its extinction in Hawaii in the late 1980s. The beauty and character of its voice was delicate and mysterious, tuneful and surprising. You can experience it with just a cursory websearch, a haunting cri de coeur from the last century. If the poor Ō’Ō is consigned to history, then life is just beginning for this French duo, based in Spain, who’ve won plaudits and awards already in their short musical lifespan.

O’o are about to release their sublime debut album Touche. This is not an endling, it’s just the beginning: “I found the name on a website of weird English language words, and I loved the way the letters were arranged like a pair of glasses,” says O’o singer Victoria Suter. “Afterwards, I went onto YouTube and started listening to the last bird of its species, calling for a mate that would never come. I thought: ‘Oh my God, that’s so sad’. Then we talked about the name and we thought it could be a nice thing to honour it and keep it alive in some way.”

Suter met her musical partner Mathieu Daubigné at college in Agen, South West France, when the pair were studying music theory in their teens. Victoria moved to Barcelona in 2010; Mathieu followed six years later. Their debut EP, Spells, appeared in 2018 a beautifully crafted patchwork of vocals and samples that is redolent of the uncanny vocalese of Laurie Anderson. The bird makes an appearance at the beginning of the EP: “Sweet tooth beak. Soft melody peak / Oh O’o, go round and round in circles / Looking for a honeydrop, til you vanish, til you drop”.

That sense of profound longing for something lost is carried over to Touche, as well as the same heightened sensory awareness of the world around them. What has developed in spades is the creative process. O’o have blossomed organically, augmenting their pop sensibilities. Avant-garde techniques have been brought to heel as the pair create off-kilter pop music that warms the heart and nourishes the brain. The catalyst that enabled this bold pop transformation came with the song ‘Touche’ itself, a saucy chanson at the heart of the album. Suter’s wry narrative about a botanical femme fatale is inserted into a lithe and skittish song with reggaeton beats and an inviting, balmy atmosphere.

“The song is about a flower which attracts male insects, producing the very same smell as the female of the species,” explains Victoria. “The poor male is fooled by the sex-appeal of this botanical trap, and gets so excited that he exhausts himself and wastes all his other chances of ulterior mating and having any offspring. The flower entices the insect in in mermaid-like fashion, to come nearer and touch her. It’s the hot track!”

‘Touche’ reaches into hitherto unexplored areas of pop, while the rest of the album is accessible in the way that James Blake, Radiohead or Kate Bush are accessible, and it always challenges, in a way that pop isn’t supposed to. Suter writes playful, poignant, observational songs that tell stories as well as tell us something about ourselves. Songs like ‘Dorica Castra’ are built upon the voice as an instrument, centrifugal and layered from its core.

Complimentary to this method is Daubigné, who brings startling innovation with found sounds, samples and clever vocal manipulations—creating unique, otherworldly sonic flourishes. A guitar whirs like a musical spinning top on ‘Spin’, created in Ableton; an Ondes Martenot appears to make a guest appearance on the title track, though it’s the ingenuity of the Prophet 8 synthesiser. “I’ll often say to Mathieu, ‘what’s that?’” says Suter, He’ll reply, ‘that’s your voice’.”

O’o found their own voice when they won a competition held by the legendary festival organisers Primavera Sound. Victoria entered the band into a competition she saw on Instagram, sending off rough demos on the final day of entry, thinking little more about it other than the fact Mathieu might be annoyed. Soon they would have to build a live set from scratch and figure out how to present their music for the first time. At stake was seventy hours of recording time at Aclam studios, used by Rosalía and Kendrick Lamar, and for the winner a coveted spot at the festival. A pool of 350 acts were whittled down, and then O’o triumphed at a Battle of the Band style face off.

The Ō’Ō might be extinct, but O’o the band have learned how to fly. Just watch them go.

Artwork by George Suter / Design by Motoplastic

→ 24.06 Live @ FGO-Barbara – PARIS, FR
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New video: O’o x Temple Caché “Touche”

O’o joins forces with Temple Caché for a colorful music video filled with floral and animal eroticism, bright electronic pop and figurative lyricism → Watch

Produced by a collective of directors, illustrators, animators, and collage artists, the official video for the eponymous track from O’o’s album “Touche” blurs the lines between artistic disciplines, sensation and sensuality.

Lyrically, vocalist Victoria Suter draws the olfactory and tactile features of a botanical femme. With his pastoral melodies and dreamy ritornellos, Mathieu Daubigné bathes the listener in a sea of escapist synthesizer sounds. Temple Caché portrays a life in motion where animal, floral, and human boundaries dissipate, bombarding the listener’s retinas with protean psychedelic colors and hypnotic animation effects. “Touche” is a total experience that mobilizes our five senses and a musical affair of organic libertinism.

The team of Temple Caché was partially inspired by the Dada movement and questioning of aesthetic and ideological conventions. Mixing collage, drawing and colored paintings, the clip relies on modern compositing animation and 3D camera techniques. The agency involves a rich cast of experts in many disciplines. Their objective is to illustrate the complexity of and fascination for the floral and the animal, and their relation to the pleasure, bewitchment and eroticism that nature inspires.

Clara Liu’s minimalist, colorful, and poetic design aesthetic and Chloé Guillemet and Thibaut Leroy surrealist erotic collages contribute to a sensitive mix in perfect harmony with the universe of the piece. Plastic sculpture from Kelzang Ravach and coheses melodiously within the art direction of Marion Castéra.

About the directors:
Temple Caché creates unexpected and offbeat visuals that have seduced great international artists like Jeff Buckley, Jorja Smith and French artists like Thérapie Taxi, Gaël Faye, Jean-Louis Murat, among others.

The agency also creates custom visual universes for major luxury houses and brands with strong identities such as Hermès, Audemars Piguet, Lacoste or Dior, as well as major advertising agencies such as Publicis, Mazarine and Ogilvy.

gaspar claus

Gaspar Claus & Basile3 rework “2359” (Night Blossom version)

French cellist and composer Gaspar Claus returns to InFiné after his mesmerizing Tancade album with a new EP based on the album highlight “2359”

This new “Night Blossom” Version was born out of a desire to play the album standout in the live arena. When reimagining 2359 in the live context, he realized that a performance of the synthetic and chopped original version was nearly impossible due to its “tempo, artificial madness, and headlong rush.” Enlisting the help of live collaborator Basile3, 2359 was driven to reach its nocturnal peak. 

‘2359’ EP will be accompanied by a new video starring the French icon Denis Lavant, directed by Ilan Cohen, and will include 2 new tracks available soon.

Listen / Buy ‘2359’
More about Gaspar Claus


Rone gets remixed by Daniel Avery


Following the release of Rone’s track Ghosts in early 2022, the stunning composition gets a reimagining by British hypnotic techno mastermind Daniel Avery → Stream

The remix invokes the spirit of the Spike Jonze written, (La)Horde directed music video in its subtle use of tension and release, reworking the beauty of Ghost’s sparkling synthesizer flourishes and vocal choirs over a propulsive 909 kick and deep bass combo. Equal parts dance floor euphoria and undeniable hooks, Ghost’s remix by Daniel Avery is a bold cut primed for club nights and intimate solo listening sessions alike. Rone’s “Ghosts (Daniel Avery Remix)” is out everywhere June 15th on InFiné.

→ Tour dates
→ More about Rone


New video: UTO “Heavy Metal”

UTO unveils new extract from Touch The Lock LP, in a mesmerizing summertime video directed by French studio Cestainsi → Watch

UTO’s mesmerizing video for their brand new single Heavy Metal is a fever dream about wishing you could fly despite having weights around your feet. The heavy hip hop grooves evoke the weight of one’s emotional armor, while bright choral parts communicate the wish for an unattainable lightness. The clip finds UTO and others in a warehouse setting of large barrels, endlessly rolling, carrying, storing them, with moments of struggle, triumph, and ecstatic release.

Described variously as witchpop, dreampop and trip hop, they mine a rich seam of 90’s British music from the peripheries, with added je ne sais quoi. Debut album Touch The Lock sees them present to the world their singular vision for the first time. It’s an album grounded in reality that communes with hyperreality, unlocking the box where hard-to-reach emotions and thoughts often lay dormant and untapped. 

25.08 – PARIS – Rock en Seine
30.09 – CAEN – Le Cargö


O’o: New “Spin” single & remix

O’o returns with Spin, the hypnotic, shuffling, second single from their debut album ‘Touche’ → Listen / Pre-order

 ‘Spin’ is set amongst the decadent mise-en-scene of the unfair funfair, with vocalist Victoria Suter dispensing some sisterly advice about how to look after oneself in the big bad world. A sequenced, robotic Rhodes piano carries these prophetic lyrics across a steady beat to the break, as dubbed out tape delays engulf the sole lyric “Spin”. As if to suggest that this universal groove could continue until the end of the universe, Spin slowly fades out, urging the listener to get closer to their speakers and savor every last moment. 

Remix by Arthur Hnatek
Drumming virtuoso and contemporary Swiss producer Arthur Hnatek  takes instrumental elements of the track, ramps up the tempo, and cradles O’o’s vocal hook amongst a breakbeat drum pattern reminiscent of the height of 90’s Warp Records’ legacy.

24.06 – FGO-Barbara Paris
09.07 – LAUT Barcelona + Sabrina Bellouael

→ More about O’o

Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed & Basile3 team up for ‘Free Radicals’ EP

Deena Abdelwahed and Basile3 announce their first collaboration on ‘Free Radicals’, a three-track EP of deep, percussive and advanced club music hybrids, on June 10th → Listen

According to some scientific theories, unstable atoms called free radicals are a vital contributing factor in the ageing process of the human body. For a duo of producers with decades of club music experience between them, this EP is as much a symbolic embrace of the aging process, as it is a shout of defiance. Perhaps it is even a musical cure as the medicine- reference track titles seem to suggest…

InFiné labelmates Deena Abdelwahed and Basile3 harness their shared experience and knowledge to fuse distinct but complementary production styles, combining cold, metallic sound design with warm percussive grooves. Across “Alpha GPC”’s dark, fidgety rhythms, “Niacinamide”’s off- kilter bass impact and “Hyaluron”’s cinematic, grimey melodic spirals, they find common ground in a mutual love for bass-heavy, rhythmically complex and border crossing club music. By pulling together sonic materials from South Africa, Tunis, London, Baltimore and beyond, they build new, unique and unplaceable forms.

Artwork: Yacine Blaeich
Photo: Ariane Kiks 


Bottler debut album ‘Journey Work’ out now

Following up their 2 EPs ‘Clementine’ and ‘Grow’, Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo Bottler release their debut album ‘Journey Work’ → Listen / Buy




New York-based duo Bottler, Pat Butler and Phil Shore, are the vanguard of their own distinctly eclectic sound. Raw, emotive, bold and highly creative, the duo have successfully carved out their own path with a series of EPs
that represent the broad scope of their production prowess. Over the last five years Bottler have been working on their debut album, ‘Journey Work’, a milestone achievement that marks a pivotal moment in their music career. The LP is a distillation of the duo’s multifaceted upbringing, blending a variety of styles together bound together by an overarching attitude and approach that embraces creative freedom and self-acceptance.

Pat and Phil, are childhood friends whose bond is akin to that of blood relatives. Their parents are best friends and they grew up side by side, developing their deep love for music together; sharing discoveries and inspirations, learning to play and perform, and nurturing their creativity together. Now formally ordained as Bottler, they channel their eclectic tastes into a sound that encapsulates the love and trust that forms the foundation of the friendship. The duo blend a myriad styles to create songs that emanate warmth, joy, sorrow, pain and the full spectrum of human emotion.

The album title, like their music, is open to interpretation. The duo reveal themes related to chronicling life’s many ups and downs, the deep preparation that must be taken ahead of a spiritual ceremony or psychedelic experience, and, simply, the journey taken during the conception and creation of an album. A quote from Walt Whitman also partly inspired the title; “every leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars”. Howe-ver, the intention behind the title is to allow for ambiguity, giving the listener an opportunity to write their own narrative.

Across 11 cuts Bottler illustrate their distinct take on electronic music, weaving in elements of indie, pop, rock, house and techno with confidence and panache. ‘Journey Work’ starts at ‘Home’, a song that is fizzing with positive energy, Pat’s vocals welcoming the listener to the start of this meandering audio adventure.

Chrysalis’ opens with delicate piano keys that guide us into a bombastic bassline and energising drum beats. As it progresses, scintillating layers of synth and strings are added, creating a highly affecting, uplifting atmosphere.

Melatonin‘ follows up next, merging heartfelt vocal delivery with a sombre instrumental, and a stirring guitar riff. A glorious demonstration of Bottler’s songwriting capabilities, which are also evident on ‘Vinyl‘, an uptempo dance number with an unbelievably catchy chorus. Here we see the duo channel their experience of playing in multi-member bands, as the breaks and arrangement feel perfectly suited to a festival-sized crowd.

On ‘Tacoma‘, Pat and Phil channel their appreciation of house and techno into a haunting cut that utilises reverse strings and extended vocal refrains to chilling effect. A heady club track for the twilight hours. ‘Meds’ incorporates muted singing, mystical pad work and a mesmerising riff to produce a captivating slice of uncomplicated dance music.

This is followed by ‘Hot Water’, which feels like a trip to a Californian beach, circa 1965. The vocals drift over a bouncing bassline with a complementary guitar riff. ‘Mako‘ features Samurai Velvet singing about fireflies and afterlife in a wonderfully heartrending manner, Bottler’s instrumental keeping things simple, yet highly effective.

We head back underground with ‘Weed‘, a dense, gloomy cut with inspired use of chopped up vocal clips,

stuttered throughout, alongside a mean bassline. ‘You’re Old‘ is the soundtrack to an explosion of festival euphoria, dancing shoulder to shoulder with your best friends, forgetting all your troubles and living in the moment. An anthemic song that transposes Bottler’s idiosyncratic style onto the pop blueprint. Finally, ‘Cicada Rhythm‘ closes the LP with a pensive, yet joyful feeling. A chunky bassline is juxtaposed with Pat’s angelic vocals cascading over the top. A hint of tribalism comes through, as we approach the end of the Journey Work…

Five years in the making, fueled by the desire to express their deep love for music of all varieties, Journey Work is symbolic of the long road it takes to accept oneself and be comfortable expressing one’s truth. Diverse, dynamic and daring with a rawness and honesty that is rare to find, the album marks a triumphant debut for Bottler and one that crystalises their unique identity.

→ More about Bottler

→ Tour Dates


New video: UTO – Souvent Parfois

UTO release their new single ‘Souvent Parfois’ in a never-ending chase, shot by Marco Dos Santos → Watch

“Souvent Parfois” is the second extract of UTO’s upcoming album Touch The Lock, to be released August 26th on InFiné & Pain Surprises.

“It’s a song for my brother who lives on the other side of the world. It contains a convoluted thought where repetition becomes the means of expressing the inexpressible and ordering the chaos. It is the wasteland of the inner voice. Absence rings like an untimely bell”, tells Neysa.

“Souvent Parfois” is a ritornello of unspoken words, a whirlwind of thoughts that never stops. A nostalgic mantra, tirelessly repeated by Neysa’s hypnotic voice, which echoes with Emile’s. A way of expressing the deep and obsessive missing of a loved one, which we feel without being able to simply tell him that we miss him every day, “very late at night […], from the depths of the woods”.

Director and photographer Marco Dos Santos shot the video at their homeland in the countryside. The viewer witnesses an endless hunt in the woods, the pursuit of something or someone unattainable, personified by a mysterious prey that we guess is between the trees, without ever reaching it. Like love, the subject is always elusive, furtive and fleeting. One seeks, one runs, one loses oneself, one is mistaken, and the more one persists, the more difficult it becomes to find one’s way out of this loop…

30.04 – Live @ Le Sample – Bagnolet (FR)

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Coco Em’s debut EP ‘Kilumi’ out now

Nairobi-based DJ, producer and visual artist Coco Em releases her debut EP ‘Kilumi’ on InFiné → Listen / Buy

Nairobi artist Coco Em is proud to present her debut release on InFiné: Kilumi.

‘The hardest hustling DJ,’ according to Okay Africa, Coco Em is a well-established international
DJ who’s played eclectic blends to crowds from Nuits d’Afrique in Montreal to Trans Musicales
in Rennes, France. When the world shut down last year, however, she translated that energy
into her next creative leap…

An EP I started writing during the height of the pandemic in 2020, ‘Kilumi’ (Kamba sacred
drum songs and dance) explores elements of different sounds that kept me going in a very
difficult year,” explains Emma who set out to write a fresh beat on Ableton every day to push herself as a producer and hone her skills. These explorations led to a collection of 70 ideas, each one reflecting a different shade to her musical palette then refined and sculpted into this beguiling seven-track journey.

“Kilumi takes on different paths each time a song starts,” Emma explains as she describes
the EP. “From the amapiano inspired elements of the single ‘Winyo Nungo’, the energetic
combination of bass and hi-hats on tracks like Kilumi, the moody trap style of  ‘Keep The Pace’ and more are the building blocks of the overall EP piece.

The EP’s final process came through Santuri East Africa studios. A Nairobi-based non-profit
organization who empower East African artists, through their mentoring she’s refined the release to the remarkable trip you hear today. They’ve also given Emma the resources to find the Nairobi-based womxn collective Sim Sima, which is also the name of her new label and Worldwide FM radio show.

Featuring seven fellow Kenyan kindred spirits – MC Sharon, Wuod Baba, Ndunge wa Kalele, Sisian & Kasiva, Janice Iche and Ladbi Ommes – Coco Em’s debut release is a vibrant reflection of her own artistic soul, her inspirations as a DJ and the rich creative energy happening in studios and dancefloors across Africa right now.

23.04 – H7 Lyon w/ Rone + Arandel (InFiné 15 years)
13.05 – LONDON – Fabric Room 3
23.07 – NYON – Paléo Festival
24.11 – CAPE VERDE – Festival Terra Sagrada 

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