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With « Oblite », his second EP for InFiné, Almeeva reconstructs his sonic aesthetic on new grounds, oscillating between cinematic indie and modern post-trance. Astonished by Paris events in 2015, the artist’s voice become more elusive. His compositions make way for sharper beats and his synthesizers take up new challenges, to which words have proven powerless. The five tracks of this new EP make us rise up against the events that are beyond our control.

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“4 Bells” opens the EP with a slow progression of celestial bells broken by surging synthetized layers. “Part Fiction”, though introspective at a first glance, it leans on the androgynous accents of Almeeva’s voice before putting into the motoric gear.

On “Dissolver”, the artist starts making guitars howl and eventually release a roaring monster, recollection of Extrawelt’s best hours. Lighter but no less symbolic, “There is a light” is an ethereal cover of The Smiths’ which finds a special resonance in the light of the recent news that’s shadowing the youth’s spirit: “Take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people that are young and alive”. On “Again”, Almeeva is bringing a serene look on his “post-hardcore” influences, and closes the EP with a huge snare thumps and delightful far eastern digressions.



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