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Satellit planet in the -Pellis galaxy, Extrapellis is the third and last chapter of a trilogy started in 2014 with Solarispellis, and followed by Umbrapellis in 2015.

A document made of demos, live versions, edits and remixes, Extrapellis is an extension of the -Pellis domain, which turns around the original Sections, questions and plays with them.

From the origins of ‘Section 11’, here in a demo version composed on a 4 tracks tape recorder in 2001 to the live version of ‘Section 7’ recorded at Tetris (Le Havre) in July 2015, and the original and inaugural techno of ‘Section 4’ kept aside since 2012, Extrapellis ends a story and announces new horizons.


Extrapellis will be available for streaming from July 12th 2016 and to download exclusively on Bandcamp.


1. Section 12 (A_ldric remix)

2. Section 7 (Live version)

3. Section 11 (Early 4-track demo)

4. Section 8 (johnny_ripper remix)

5. Section 4

6. Section 7 (Apolline D'Ash remix)

7. Section 6 (Gordon's Section 909 dub)

8. Section 13 (Alternate demo version)


Tour dates

16-17 Sept – Paris, Smmmile Festival, La Villette / DJ set

More live and DJ shows to be announced soon!



This artist has no upcoming shows

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