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A lost proto new wave classic is given the definitive reissue treatment. The (Hypothetical) Prophets were a collaboration between French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner and British musician Karel Beer, recording something of a Soviet-themed concept album under the pseudonyms Joseph Weil and Norman D.Landing.

Utilising William Burroughs/Brion Gysin style newsreel cut-ups, harsh electronics comparable to contemporary records by the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, caustically satirical lyrics, and deadpan vocals reminiscent of the Flying Lizards, B52s or Trio. Parallels can be also be drawn with the early releases by Mute Records which contrasted the harsh experimentation of The Normal with the chart-bothering likes of Depeche Mode. An argument could even be made that the Prophets predict the self-referential meta-pop of a group such as LCD Soundsystem, also back in 2016!

Watch Wallenberg - original videoclip restored from 1982 for the first time online

German player


About Wallenberg :

Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from deportation only to be arrested by the Soviets in 1945 and disappear (dead or alive?) into a Gulag. The original text in English was a “cut-up” from an article that appeared in the International Herald Tribune. The French version is a translation from the deliberately obscure English one. Incomprehensible yet full of significance. At this time, even Raoul Wallenberg’s sister, touched by this great homage, wanted to know who was behind The (Hypothetical) Prophets` secret identity, following a review of the record in the International Herald Tribune.

Praise about About The World : 

"To call the album a radical novelty might do it some justice, but not enough." Secret Decoder

"Enough Idea to last a lifetime" 8/10 (Uncut)

"une œuvre définitivement culte et visionnaire" MAGIC

"La réponse française à l’électronique avant-gardiste [...] des aventuriers du synthé comme The Normal, Throbbing Gristle, Flying Lizards ou Devo."

"Around the World with"... The (Hypothetical) Prophets was originally released in France and in UK at the early eighties. Set to be reissued on March 4th 2016, InFiné´s edition has been re-mastered from the original tapes with the full co-operation of the band members, the track sequence restored to how the composers originally intended it, with rare EP tracks added as bonus material.


01. Around The World With The Prophets

02. Back To The Burner

03. Fast Food

04. I Like Lead

05. Person To Person

06. The Fisherman's Friend

07. On The Edge Of The White Zone

08. Wallenberg (French version)

09. Back To Siberia

10. Fast

11. Terminal New York

12. Budapest 45



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