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The Wanderer makes his grand debut for InFiné after few remarkable track collaborations (Downliner Sekt remix, Explorer #1).  Welcome to a new singular universe of Mathematical signs, ghostly chimes, elusive organ notes and unexpected arrangements. 


ArchiTextures is the debut EP from  THE WANDERER.

The author prefers to stay anonymous but his first few appearances on InFiné have left strong impressions.

This first exercise is composed of three main movements with enigmatic titles alongside two interludes. We know the author has a musical education, which led him to choose music as his primary vector of expression but does not intend to limit his activities to it. ArchiTextures is motivated by a frustration felt from the author – his inability to master the skills of the great composers of the past centuries and the proposal of a solution : the overcoming of this historical framework by the use of sampling and modern recording techniques.

His study focuses on three main areas of observation: the orchestration, timbre and harmony. ArchiTextures is the result of a permanent tension between the digital textures and real sound of instruments that has led the author to preserve humanity in the listening experience. This is adopted in the structure, the themes and the synthesis technique used for new sounds. 

In listening to ArchiTextures in its full glory, you might imagine that cathedrals are crumbling, giving way to a bright sky of ghostly chimes, elusive organ notes and unexpected arrangements. The horizon now seems wide open for the Wanderer to rebuild genuine future sound citadels.

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