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PRE-ORDER Elegiac (all formats) and get Banquet EP now on BLEEP !

InFiné is proud to announce the release of the second album of Cubenx on November 6th 2015. Devoid of any nostalgia or self-indulgence for his past achievements, the artist acknowledges with this new album the nomadic nature of his artistic identity. "Elegiac" is about saying goodbye to the past with satisfaction and inventing a different present, in an emancipating, proud gesture.

The debut Single Banquet EP - including 4 new tracks ( and two vocal collaborations with Pris Wayland ) is out today. 

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Cover - Cubenx Banquet EP


This ever-shifting state, no-return mindset and unpredictability reigns over Elegiac, a powerful, fully-bloomed machine whose movements are epic and orchestration intricate. Far from the techno scope he first operated on, and not so close to the shoegaze sound that haunted him until recently, Cubenx’ style has been shattered to pieces and recollected around new elements, some of them gleaned on the road.

This 11-tracks-journey features deliberate contrasts and confusion. It confirms the talent of the artist to blur the lines between suggestive electronic ballads, noisy experimentations and introspective cinematic landscapes.

Released few days after “El Dia de los Muertos”, Elegiac is permeated with a distinctive mystical dimension. InFiné could not dream of any better day for Cubenx´ musical rebirth.


01 - F.All 4'39”

02 - Drizzling Lemon Pearls (feat. Cyané) 3'36"

03 - Treasures 4'53"

04 - Our Fire 4'48"

05 - Flaneur 5'19"

06 - Banquet (feat. Pris Wayland) 4'48"

07 - Blindfold (feat. Yasmine Hamdan) 3'52"

08 - Ryo 6'05"

09 - Peacefully Sinking (feat. Born In Flamez) 1'38"

10 - Roßbach 7'01"

11 - A Sheltering Sky 8'17" 

Photo by : Alexia Cayre / stylist: Rich Aybar



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