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For the last nine years, we have been exploring uncharted territories, bringing artists from various musical backgrounds together to go on new adventures. Artist development is an art that has become risky in todays climate, the certainty of success is comparable to the likelihood of an ice cube remaining frozen under a blazing sun.

To satisfy our ferocious appetite for brand new exciting sounds, we decided to bring eleven young producers together on an InFiné compilation released today.

Stream on: Spotify / Deezer / Apple Music

Order on: Bleep / iTunes / Qobuz

This is also a way for us to celebrate the week when our annual summer artist residency Workshop InFiné would have normally taken place. Sadly, the Carrière du Normandoux venue is closed for refurbishment this summer so the 7th edition of Workshop InFiné will take place in 2016 instead.

Explorer#1 gathers emerging artists and anonymous producers who have contributed to this project with sheer enthusiasm. The international line-up swings between different genres, from ambient music to raw techno. They are all offering a personal and unique vision of modern electronic music. We bet that some of these artists will still be around to celebrate our 10th and 20th anniversaries with us!

We’ve chosen to present the artists music one by one during the summer, through podcasts, playlists and various other means to nourish your very own appetite of discovery!

Finally, this project’s singularity lies in the unprecendeted system we set up to produce the vinyl in collaboration with the start-up Vinyl It. Once 150 pre-orders is reached, we launch the fabrication: each and everyone contribution will enable the creation of a quality physical object that highlights the artists and their productions.


About the artists:

- Manoir: Soundcloud / Facebook

- The Wanderer: Soundcloud / Twitter

- Jozef K: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Winter Son: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Almeeva: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Secret Of Elements: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Vanessa Wagner: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Oaks: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Gordon: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Willis Anne: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Monomood: Soundcloud / Facebook

- Voiron: Soundcloud / Facebook

Photo by Götz Goppert courtesy of Yellow Korker


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