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Arabstazy collective returns with the second volume of 'Under Frustration', to be released on September 13th on InFiné


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‘Stazy is short for ecstasy.’ says Mettani, founder of the Arabstazy collective. ‘We are not police of anybody, nor of any group. The music does not belong to anyone.’ Their history is complex and impenetrable, with ramifications that stretch far beyond from the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Tunisian collective Arabstazy, a multidisciplinary artistic platform dedicated to the inter-connection between heritage, identity, culture, and digital arts in the Arab world, returns with the second of three volumes from the compilation series “Under Frustration” released by InFiné on the 13th of September, and as for Vol.1 release, this time the NGO Basmeh & Zeitooneh will receive a share of the benefits. 

The “Under Frustration” project takes stock of the contemporary Arab electronic scene, and highlights its astonishing diversity, by deconstructing Western clichés that are still fantasizing about a culturally homogenous Arab world. In a context of post-revolutionary disillusion, this ambitious trilogy sets itself as a manifesto of a new, futuristic, underground wave that aims to uplift the Arab voice, once again. 

With this new release, Arabstazy allows the listener to walk among Shiite, Shaabi or Stambali lands - revealing new mystical sounds, reserved for trance ceremonies and ancestral rituals; all vivid in the eyes of the collective members, musicians, producers, videographers and photographers, nowadays, scattered between the United States, Tunisie, Germany, France, Sweden, Irak, Liban and Poland. 

Mettani, Arabstazy’s founder, sees ‘the collective as a medium to keep questioning the meaning and the relevance of the supposed Arab unity, by exploring and facing the way the Arab world is perceived, but also how it perceives itself, perceives the others and perceives its own perception of itself.’

By standing for what they believe, they push boundaries in creating a new wave of North African and Middle Eastern Futurism: ‘Assuming that our mosaic identity, plunges our roots into the future, highlighting the traditions of the countries from which we come from with the desire to reinterpret them. To create a new artistic language, free of its Orientalist and colonialist prejudices…’

Mettani has devoted more than a year to research and uplift this second release to excellence. In a new perspective of selecting new producers based in the United States, he aims to enrich Arabstazy’s manifesto by representing the diversity, heterogeneity, and complexity that defines the Arab world. 

This Vol.2 sees the musical eclecticism of Saint Abdullah, Dj Haram. Khan El Rouh, Okydoky, Hello Psychaleppo, Rafael Aragon & Stas, Nazal. Adam Jawad, Praed, and Miss Machine - all combining profound personal sounds that establish a new language of a nouvelle vague of the Arab underground futurism. 

A lot of the artists featured are in exile in countries that have adopted them and shape their music consciousness as Saint Abdullah from Iran to Brooklyn; Khan El Rou from Syria to Sweden; Hello Psychaleppo that moved to Minnesota; and Nazal that left Tunisia for Poland and then France. 

These influences are extremely poignant in their music productions that are deeply determined from almost a globalized approach that mixes their heritage to a new technological observat view of what music can achieve nowadays. 

Some tracks are driven by extreme strength and power which is a product of the Arab fire that brought back the concept of revolution as an existential meaningful way of living. Arabstazy owns the unique ability to shift the revolution from an image on the streets into sounds that are captivating, rare, vigorous and hypnotic. 



01. Saint Abdullah - Zeynab

02. DJ Haram - Overeager

03. Khan El Rouh - Mount Qaf

04. OkyDoky - Mother's Milk

05. Hello Psychaleppo - 100=1

06. Rafael Aragon & Stas - Ik Vari Do Vari

07. Nazal - Pigment Liner

08. Adam Jawad - Agnostikh

09. Praed - Pyramids in the Sky

10. Miss Machine - Desire



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