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Bruce Brubaker

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Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper present Glassforms

Who else but Bruce Brubaker, his most faithful pianist, could trust Philip Glass to open his works to the "remix" exercice? Bruce created 'Glassforms' at the invitation of Philip Glass and the Philharmonie de Paris. He invited to the dialogue the London-based musician Max Cooper, who is himself always looking for new sound fields. The premiere of this unprecedented encounter will take place on the occasion of the Paris Philharmonie's "Weekend Glass", then in London at the Barbican Center, before ligthting up an afternoon of the always daring Sónar festival.



Glass is the definition of minimalism, a massive and repetitve use of minimal components. Over the years, this style endorsed softer shapes and became an essential element of scholarly music. Glassforms project is the result of the musical encounter between Philip Glass and electronic music.

A major figure of the American post-modern music scene, pianist Bruce Brubaker is joined by Northern Irish electronic producer Max Cooper as the pair reinvent live a series of Philip Glass' piano works together. The goal of this atypical initiative is to highlight and filter the extraordinary versatility of Philip Glass’ repertoire, building bridges between worlds that previously seemed impossible to connect.

Brubaker and Cooper will use new technology to restructure melodies and create new patterns from the original form. A new angle on the world of Glass music, a combination of traditional and modern composition, a modulated authenticity - performed live for the first time in Paris on May 18th.

«There have been remixes of music by Philip Glass before. “Glassforms” is something else! “Glassforms” is created by Max Cooper and me live on stage. I play the acoustic grand piano and then the computer, the synths, the electronic effects respond to what I do — differently at each performance, and with finely nuanced coordination. I believe we are giving the classics of the Philip Glass piano répertoire a 21st-century context, or a frame, or new clothes! »  

Bruce Brubaker

« As with many electronic producers, Glass has been a major influence for me, so I was excited by the opportunity to rework his music with Bruce.

However, I didn’t want to just add some electronics on top of his work, I wanted to interact with it in a more meaningful way, with the potential for live explorations of his ideas. This challenge lead me down the path of a collaboration with a software developer, Alexander Randon, on a custom live composition tool which facilitates modulation of Bruce’s playing before feeding it as midi into my synths and effects chains.

This system allows for the live creation of novel and intricate melodic structures, grounded in Philip’s original pieces, but firing off on musical tangents to explore new realms during each performance. I have also developed a new visual system for the show which integrates both Bruce and myself into an abstract realm of morphing forms, mirroring the modulated melodic approach of the project. » 

Max Cooper


18.05.19 - Philharmonie de Paris - Paris/FR SOLD OUT
19.05.19 - Barbican Centre - London/UK INFO
19.07.19 - Sónar Festival - Barcelona/ES TICKETS
14.11.19 - Théâtre de l'Octogone - Lausanne-Pully/CH TICKETS




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