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In June 2013, Fraction and visual artist Maotik, in co-production with the Société des Arts Technologies, presented DROMOS at the MuteK festival in Montreal. This was a new type of audiovisual live show in an immersive space dubbed the Satosphere. Inspired by “Dromology”, the science of speed devised by French intellectual Paul Virilio, the performance consisted of eight coherent aesthetic segments that distort the visual and sonic properties of the environment to immerse the audience, placing them at the centre of a 360° multichannel sound system combined with projections. It is a blueprint for live shows of the future. Praised by the press and public as one of the festival's highlights, the event caught the attention of Apple who have used an excerpt from the performance in their recent campaign celebrating the company's 30th anniversary.  

A few months after Mutek 2013, Fraction adapted the audio of DROMOS (initially designed for twenty speakers and a subwoofer) into a collection of tracks for a mini-album, which InFiné is proud to release on 5 May 2014.

Recorded in a shack on the beach of a peninsula in Cape Cod (Massachusetts) with US musicians, Dromos' five tracks are faithful to both the immersive dynamic of the performance and indicative of the artist's particular care with concrete sounds.

FRACTION talked to "A Closer Listen" about the first track of the EP "THE RISE"

[ (We encourage you to spend some time on  "A Closer Listen"  :) ]

Artwork has been designed by Casey Reys

We will sell a limited number of CD copies included 2 Bonus Tracks for 5€ in our newly refreshed Bandcamp page

DROMOS will be released digitally in your usual mp3 stores on 5 May 2014.


1 – The Rise

2 – Astral Rain Messager (feat. Carbonic)

3 – Conversation with a God Killer 

4 – Time is Noise (extended Version)

5 – Density 21.5 (E. Varese) 

Bonus CD version (exclusively on Bandcamp) + + "The Rise" on download as instant gratification 

6 - Astral Rain Messager (Instrumental) 

7 - Worbling Experiment 



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