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The Human ear has a 360° nature. The “head shadow” assesses the temporality and spatiality of an audio event. Sound Engineers have been searching for the best recording and broadcasting techniques to recreate this feeling of reality in sound. They first focused their studies in studio environment and then slowly developed 5.1 sound system for Home Entertainment. Now, they will bring it to our headphones.

« Binaural » is quite old word dating back from the late XIXth century. It's based on the dual perception of our human ear (level and time). It also studies the way sounds travel and are assimilated by our brain. The result is a psycho-acoustic experience, which spatialy transcends normally recorded stereo.

Interestingly enough,the French were the first one to have interest for « Binaural » principles, when they developed a telephonic distribution system to listen to Opera (Theatrephone). The BBC in UK broadcasted various 3D recordings of his radio-shows (most notably Rob Da Bank' s 3D headphone special early March). In France, NouvOson, a website developed by sound engineers of Radio France are regularly posting 3D recordings.

We met those gentlemen and loved the result. And Rone as well...

You also can check the interview of Herve Dujardin (in French) in InFiné latest radioshow on Campus radio.

Hervé mentionned the various challenges of 3D developments and highlighted the necessity to give to a direction and a language. It's only the beginning.

Our collaboration starts today with the premiere of a 3D/Binaural version of Rone's Apache.

Binaural sound is to be listened only with headphones.

… more coming very soon.

More about Binaural :



Rob Da Bank 3D Headphone special



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