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Bruce Brubaker

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On his Codex album, released January 19, 2018, American pianist Bruce Brubaker faced off Terry Riley's Keyboard Study 2 (1965) and pieces from the Codex Faenza, a 15th-century manuscript that is one of the earliest collections of keyboard sheet music. Creating an echo chamber for the primacy of the performer-creator and the effacement of the composer, this back-and-forth invites us on a journey that is both timeless and eminently contemporary.

These four new versions surrendered to the expert hands of Max Cooper, Arandel and Olga Bell, bring Brubaker's minimalist tapestries to life, in the myriad colours of the modern electronic and experimental scene.

Irish producer Max Cooper, inspired as much by Jon Hopkins as by his doctorate in biology, makes Brubaker's piano notes resonate against the walls of a cathedral made of organic sounds. A taste of their live collaboration "Glasstronica", which will be presented in 2019.

A loyal collaborator of InFiné, remixer of Mozart and Bach, and meticulous experimentalist, Arandel chose to explore both sides of the Codex project. His interpretation of “Keyboard Study 2” ventures into the gaps opened by Riley's circular scores, reinjecting them with a good dose of playfulness and a handful of vintage bleeps over Brubaker's remodelled harmonies. On “J’aime La Biauté”, inspired by the Codex Faenza repertoire, Arandel places the piano in the centre of an ice palace, squaring off the roundness of melodies to bring back a deep and psychedelic nostalgia.

Olga Bell (aka Dirty Projectors collaborator Bell), a trained pianist and free agent of the Brooklyn global village, appropriates different extracts from the Codex to deploy her own movement. Flirting with ecstatic infrabass and syncopated rhythms, the young artist explodes Riley's endless loops to a breathless finish.



1. Riley Keyboard Study 2 (Brubaker Version 6) (Max Cooper Remix)

2. Riley Keyboard Study 2 (Brubaker Version 3) (Arandel Remix)

3. Codex (Olga Bell Remix)

4. J'aime La Biauté (Arandel Remix)

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05.18.19 - Glasstronica w/ Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper - Philharmonie - Paris/France

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