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Rone announces a new EP including 3 remixes of the flamboyant and off-kilter title track from his latest album, produced by Johannes Brecht, Laurent Garnier, Mathias Aguayo.

"Mirapolis" is one of the last solo tracks that the producer composed in the spring of 2017: "I wanted to record a festive track, which completely stands by its ‘funfair’ vibe.” With this new four-track EP (including three remixes), combined with a new video by Aurélie Castex (Erwan's sister), Rone extends the carnival of electronic cultures of his latest musical citadel to the dancefloor – and our screens.

Johannes Brecht, shadow craftsman of the Hamburg label Diyanamic's studios, offers a refined reading throbbing with cerebral pulsations. Appropriating the main theme in a subtle way, coated with multiple harmonic layers, his textures alternate white noise with organic basses that builds up to a delightfully classical cello outro.

This release of Mirapolis Remixes is set to coincide with the release of a new video by Aurélie Castex. The radiant quadricolour odyssey will be available soon...

You can now pre-order Mirapolis Remixes in digital or vinyl with an exclusive bundle on Bandcamp (Tote bag, poster, vinyl) : 

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