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Clara Moto

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Clara Moto first stepped into the spotlight with her stunning debut album 'Polyamour' on InFiné in 2010. Intimate and fragile, yet all the while joyful, witty and immediate, the album offered a fresh, intelligent and decidedly female take on the predominantly male genre of techno music and received wide-spread praise throughout the music press.  

Now, three years later, Clara returns with her second full-length, an album that is every bit as close up and personal as her debut, but at the same time more intricate and thoughtful, more introspective and melancholic than its predecessor. 'Blue Distance' is named after a line from a poem by Sylvia Plath and circles around the theme of remoteness. It is inspired by Clara's own experience of frequent relocation and travel, but also by the distance that a musician feels separating her from her listeners, and the constant longing – and ultimate impossibility – to bridge this gap with one's work.

Clara Moto - My Double Edged Sword par infine

Clara Moto`s Blue Distance is out this week in every good physical and digital retail stores. 


Praises on Blue Distance :

“Dix pistes oniriques qui électrisent avec douceur, suscitent des vibrations hédonistes. Dix invitations à de lévitants voyages entre samples post-dubstep en apesanteur, beats breakés de toute beauté, mélodies addictives.” Liberation (FR)

"An ambitious return which shows off Moto's flamboyant control of wide-ranging styles" Clash Music (UK)

"Motos Stil ist ein nobles Understatement,Frucht einer nüchternen, nie pathetisch auftragenden Intelligenz und einer Sensibilität für subtile Details.“ Groove (GER)

"Subtle, atmospheric techno with haunting vocals" Noisey / Vice (UK)

"Pure headphone bliss" Planet Notion / Notion Magazine (UK)

"A unique voice within techno" Oki-Ni (Uk)

Where to listen … ?

Spotify , Deezer , Soundcloud InFiné, Youtube InFiné channel ... 

Where to meet … ?

06th November 2013 - BERLIN - PRINCE CHARLES

With Daniel Brandt (of Brandt Brauer Frick) + Douglas Greed + Cubenx... 

14th November 2013 - LONDON - THE SHACKLEWELL ARMS

With Drum of Death + Antepop

16th November 2013 – ANGERS – REVE MODERNE

23th November 2013 - PARIS - LA MACHINE 

With ND Baumecker + Seams +  Timid Boy  

Where to buy … ?

In every good Brick and Mortar records store (hopefully)

Bleep - Zero Inch - Beatport - Boomkat - Qobuzz - Amazon –  Fr - UK -  Ger - I-Tunes



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