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Arandel, unparalleled searcher and trailblazer of musical treasures without borders, has been working since 2009 to highlight different themes of the music history through an atypical collection of mixtapes, now reissued on cassette by Infiné.
After ‘Bog Bog, the Electronic Ladyland mixtape’ dedicated to the women pioneers of electronic music, this second volume compiles ‘Neige, the Christmas mixtape’ released in 2012 and ‘From Beyond, the Halloween mixtape’ out earlier this year, to illustrate the rich and varied musical decorum of two year-end celebrations: Halloween and Christmas.

Two Haunted Mixtapes For Your Lonely Holiday Parties out December 15.2017 in strictly limited edition.



This Halloween mixtape is a new addition to our thematical mixtapes series, and follows its sister «Neige, the Christmas mixtape».
The idea behind it is to allude to all the aspects of Halloween, ghosts, witches and monsters of course, but also the paganism and rural folk, hauntology, possessed nursery rhymes or insanity. The aim: in 30 minutes, to evoke to the diversity of the horror movies that we watch for Halloween, the most disturbing and openly violent. A glimpse of every genre: fantastic and slasher, horror or sci-fi. From Beyond is like a short sonic movie, a collage of scenes and stories, for which we abided to this rule: never use actual film soundtracks or any kind of library music, anything originally composed for images actually.

Instead, we went through memories, often from childhood, looking for scary music. Music that used to and still make you uncomfortable, bringing an atmosphere in the room, outside of the music itself. Haunted music. They sweep a very large spectrum of the history of music, from Middle Age sacred music to Beatrice Dillon techno, and the medieval folk of Malicorne of the experimentations of Jean-Pierre Massiera and Pierre Henry, the traditional diaphonic music of Krk Island in Croatia or Napoleon XIV’s proto hip-hop. And, as fear is a very intimate yet universal feeling, we also asked our fans on Facebook what tracks scare them, and we added some of them in the collage.


Gimpy lights, and tired candles. A cinematic and eclectic journey around Christmas’ spirit. or more like a journey to which we summon the spirits of Christmas. The happy christmases and the sad ones too. Christmases for those who don’t like Christmas.





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