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Murcof x Wagner

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A trademark of the electronic culture reworked by the classical touch of French pianist Vanessa Wagner and remixed by ambient mastermind Loscil. 



"Avril 14th" released on the mythical "Drukqs" album of Aphex Twin first appeared as truly disruptive piece in the underground electronic culture of the early 2000s. Taking all the experts by surprise, this piano lullaby ended up as a pillar of the Pop Culture, reaching an even bigger popularity than the whimsical “Windowlicker”.

With a straightforward Yamaha Disklavier, Aphex Twin challenged dramatically the best practices manual in electronic production of the times. He cited Satie and Cage as reference for his new approach and opened just a few months ahead of the release of “Martes” a new window between contemporary classical and experimental music. No surprise, if convinced by its anachronistic strength, Murcof and Vanessa Wagner selected the track next to minimal pieces of Glass, Adams or Pärt on their common debut album “Statea”.     

EP03 closes the “Statea” chapter by compiling two unreleased versions of "Avril 14th" and two must-have B-sides. Aphex Twin`s track is performed solo piano by Vanessa Wagner and remixed by Vancouver producer, Loscil (Kranky Records). On the flipside, an original piece of David Moore, "Tyler In The Road" get revisited with equal beauty by Vanessa Wagner, while Si Begg reengineers "In a Landscape" by John Cage. 


Murcof x Wagner - Live @ Seine Musicale on Saturday 4 November - + details


Tracklisting : 

Cat Number : iF2069

1_ Avril 14th (Aphex Twin) - Vanessa Wagner version

2_In a Landscape (John Cage) - Si Begg remix

3_ Tyler In The Road (David Moore) - Vanessa Wagner Version

4_ Avril 14th (Aphex Twin) - Loscil remix



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