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What a surprise in the winter of 2013 to discover a press release at Trans Musicales de Rennes festival detailing the first Labelle album, Ensemble, was due to be released on InFiné. This was news to us. Nonetheless, this initial fake news story served as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Labelle was no stranger to us. The musician from Reunion Island (a French island located next to Mauritius and Madagascar) came highly recommended by our then intern. Consequently, we had already published one of his captivating live performances on our website a few months before the festival. But with this little announcement mistake and an apology sent direct from the artist himself, It became clearer that Labelle´s debut had everything InFiné was fighting for : freshness, spirituality, poetic and syncretic strengths. 

With the release univers-île, the second album from Labelle on September 8th, InFiné is announcing a centerpiece of the second decade of its catalogue.    

Check out "Babette"  'Babette' is the name of one of Labelle`s ancestor, a female slave deported from Mauritius in the 17th century. It´s crucial piece to the genesis of univers-île, in tune with Reunion Island´s unique history. Labelle orchestrated a carnival of instruments coming from the Indian Ocean, the neighbouring Africa as well as the westhern world.



Labelle Summer Tour 2017

More shows announced soon

09/06 - Le Plan - Ris Orangis (solo)
10/06 - Les Suds, on Air - Marseille (solo)
14/06 - Rinse France, InFiné Radio Show - Paris (solo) - 8 pm CET
17/06 - Festival Rio Loco - Toulouse (trio)
09/07 - Nuits de Fourvière - Lyon (trio) 



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