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Murcof x Wagner

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Mary Anne hobbs played some of it a few days ago on her BBC6Music show. Murcof x Wagner will open a new chapter of their discograhy in June with the release of EP02.  

EP.02 offers up three new interpretations of Philip Glass, Morton Feldman and Arvo Pärt pieces, where analogue explorations and bare piano notes meet the open forms of the minimalist canon. This is the third record in a series following Statea, the album released by Murcof & Vanessa Wagner in September 2016 and EP.01 released a few months earlier, which introduced individually the two protagonists and their respective instruments. EP.02 brings together three unreleased movements whose narrations sound so complementary that they seem to merge into a unique and cosmic stroll.

Preview Milton Feldman - Piano Piece 1952


EP02 will be available in 12" via The Vinyl Factory from June 14th, 2017. Pre-order it here.  

The duo will also play a few shows in France including InFiné´s favorite place in Montreuil / Paris  and Metz's Arsenal / Ondes Messines , where they performed one their first shows a few years ago.


Art Direction by Les Garçons Sauvages x My Name Is

Design by My Name Is

Photography by Victor Picon



1. Metamorphosis 4
2. Piano Piece 1952
3. Spiegel Im Spiegel



23.06.17 - La Marbrerie. Montreuil (France)

24.06.17 – Noirlac, Abbaye de Noirlac (France)

30.06.17 - Metz, Arsenal, Festival 'Ondes Messines' (France)

08.07.17 - Jardins Efémeros, Viseu (Portugal)

06.10.17 – Centre des Arts, Enghien (France)

04.11.17 - Seine Musicale, Boulogne (France)

22.11.17 - Théâtre de l'Archipel, Perpignan (France)


Praises on Statea ( released in October 2016)


Arvo Pärt, Erik Satie, John Cage, interprétés par un musicien électro et une pianiste : l’accord parfait - Telerama / France

[...] sounding richer and more nuanced with every listen. Resident Advisor

From mournful underwater ambience to simple, floating beauty - Mixmag / UK

Murcof and Wagner rise up and down in terms of prominence with a deft sense of when each is needed—and when both can come together as one. - Bandcamp Daily

Der gemeinsame Grenzgang folgt einem ganz eigenen Weg - Groove / Germany

El Balance Perfecto - DJ Mag / Spain

Quand la sinusoïde du sinter enveloppe le toucher du piano dans une association précieuse et intemporelle - Tsugi / France

Something genuinely new - Q Mag / UK

Poetisch und Spannungsgeladen - Intro / Germany

Le piano minimaliste sublimé par l'électronique - CultureboxVanessa Wagner, pianiste et Murcof, orfèvre de la musique électronique minimale - Radio Classique / France

Where electronic and acoustic music find the perfect balance – which is precisely what Statea represents. Highly recommended! - Headphone Commute

A unique studio album that captures the essence of their concert.- Cyclic Defrost / Australia




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