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Carl Craig is back with a new album called Versus on InFiné & Planet E Communications.

Versus is a perfect encapsulation of our philosophy, which serves a duty as a platform to foster hybridization between genres, and also as the label’s ten-year anniversary gift to itself. A 9-year transnational human adventure between the iconic Detroit techno producer Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano as arranger, the open-minded conductor François-Xavier Roth with Les Siècles orchestra.


Limited deluxe 3LP edition with 4 additional exclusive acoustic versionsBleep - HHV - Bandcamp


Critical acclaims on Versus : 

"...a great marriage of contemporary orchestra, techno compositions and fluent musical brains" - NPR

"Carl Craig’s vast, diverse output has exactly that kind of cinematic quality. Perhaps the orchestral versions on Versus are us hearing it in widescreen" - Mixmag

"... on his new album Versus, Craig does something I’ve truly never heard before... and I’ve sort of fallen in love with it" - Stereogum

"...the colossal horns, the woodwinds hold their own, giving this new rendition something more powerful" - FACT

"[...] there’s no denying its impact, and it makes for another dramatic chapter in the career of one of the most productive and consistently innovative musicians in techno." Bandcamp Daily

"...if meaningful collaborations sound this good – make more." - Crack Magazine

"Avec Versus, Carl Craig fait entrer la techno dans les lieux saints de la haute culture." Tracks / Arte 

"Craig erfindet sich in seinem Godmode mit Hinterfragen des eigenen Schafens und Kreieren neuer Ausdrucksformen ein weiteres Mal. Zuhören und Genießen"  - 10/10 Faze

“Nessuno avrebbe mai pensato che la musica classica sarebbe entrata nei club e viceversa. Versus è uno dei connubi più riusciti” - Rolling Stone 


Carl Craig presents Versus Synthetizer Ensemble Live

29.05 Detroit, Movement Festival (US)
17.06 Barcelona, Sonar Festival (Spain)
07.07 Paris, The Peacock Society Festival (France)
16.07 Dour, Dour Festival (Belgium)
28.07 - Plock Festival, Audioriver (Poland)
19.08 Lowlands Festival (Netherlands)
27.08 London, SW4 (UK)




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