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Clara Moto

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Clara Moto and Mimu are the most ecstatic duo from InFiné, finally brought together again to give the first pop electronic sunshine rays of 2017.

Set for February 15h, Gone by the Morning EP includes four perfectly balanced tracks between immersive homelistening and dancefloor delights that confirm Clara´s aspiration toward refined and detailed sound design. 

On this debut track, the voice of Mimu, which her loyal supporters will recognize from Clara Moto`s classic vocal anthems Silently and Deer & Fox, sings about sentimental disputes whilst shining on an equally tumultous and passionate bassline. 



The Ep includes 3 others tracks including and a brillant featuring magical bass player Tyler Pope ( with whom she shared Rone´s Belleville groundbreaking remix) 

Available in its full glory in every good digital retailers now.  


Clara Moto 2017

(credit photo : Jasmin Schuller )



Clara Moto // Gone By The Morning 

1. Gone by the Morning (feat. Mimu)

2. Lost and Found

3. Conflicts (feat. Mimu)

4. No Faults (feat. Tyler Pope) 


Artwork by Mimu and Les Eclaireurs, picture by Jasmin Schuller


About Clara Moto : 

Austrian producer and deejay, Clara Moto released two albums for InFiné and a fistful of singles between microhouse, ambient and pop house like `Glove Affair´, `Silently´ or `Deer and Fox´. The artist has recently left Berlin to return to her hometown Graz and concentrate on producing her third album. Chech her profile in its glory.




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