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The Wanderer smashes violently his debut EP and shapes up 18 minutes of experimental madness. Out now exclusively on Bandcamp


ArchiTextures_Rmxd by The Wanderer


Partly liberating himself, sometime completely from the direction and the sequencing of the materials used on his debut EP, ArchiTextures, this new musical project by The Wanderer is more to be interpreted as a creative playground. The title “ArchiTextures broken with a hammer” could serve as a guideline.

We are dealing here with breakdown, disintegration, erosion of melodic fragments from TxT_1, Intrld_1, TxT_2, Intrld_2, TxT_3 set out of context.    

Those musical elements have been hammered, illuminated, melted with a view to create a consistent new order. Brutally uprooted, glazed, stabbed and smoothed, those samples have traveled from one piece of work to the other, losing their original meaning to deliver a new musical object. 

 “Spontaneity and Catharsis are the two first words, which would come to my mind to define what those reinterpretations of ArchiTextures are about.” admits The Wanderer. The human beings tolerate and then suddenly can´t stand anymore the last ruin of their feelings, beliefs or Illusions.  “ ArchiTextures_Rmxd is first, a kind of catharsis for some of them, and then the objectification of their extra-corpus rejection. It came to me at the right time, responding to a certain necessity to wander and a feeling of urge to recreate myself with a musical expression.”  


The listener will hear the surgical and systematic dismantling of a creation, the emergence of a sort of chaos and of an equally scarring and joyous abandonment.


Artwork by Patrice Olivier Acardy


Patrice Olivier Acardy was born at the Réunion, where he currently lives and works. He is a child of the digital era and takes his project, attached to experimentation and game, up to where error emerges - that is where he finds art. At times 3D visual artist, painter, graphist/webdesigner or video artist, he is part of the new generation of 'Meta' artists, who have more than one string to their bow. He constantly question the form and substance, each and every one of his projects being a surprising and unpredictable piece.



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