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Fraction`s freshest EP - Planete Humaine - is now available in every good digital stores and  compiles 5 pieces of the finest emotional and abstract ambient. Mark your calendar, Fraction will be the very special guest of our next InFiné show on Rinse France – next Wednesday – 8pm CET.   

When it comes to digital arts melting together, Fraction represents the avant-garde with his sound experimentations and spatial projections. During the past two years he has created a number of immersive audiovisual performances such as Dromos, ObE and more recently, Entropia (premiered at several top digital arts festivals). Fraction is also the first is the first artist in residency at the Spatial Sound Institute of 4DSOUND in Budapest, which regards artists such as Murcof, Dasha Rush or Kangkin Ray among their active members.


Planète Humaine is the first experimental studio recording of Fraction since the release of Superposition in 2008. These 5 tracks are a complete reboot of his sound palette as much as a gathering of the metaphysic themes explored in previous installations. Fraction questions both the relation between physics and space, and the place of humanity in a human shaped environment.   

Even though the producer is used to blending images and emotions together that are human by nature, it’s through a real-time analogic process with a distortion pedal and an outflowing granular synthesis that Fraction is pushing his audience towards retro-futurist and dystopian landscapes. Mike Winkelman, who directed Flying Lotus’ Kill Your Co-Worker video, did the cover artwork and succeeded in capturing the mutating atmosphere that floats around this 5 track EP.



Help and share : Teaser Vimeo + Planete Humaine Soundcloud 

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Rinse France / InFiné Radio invites Fraction

(c) Elise Boularan


TRACKLISTING :                    

1 – Planète Humaine

2 – Partizan

3 – Fibre [5719]

4 – Noed Deux

5 – Isometric


Artwork by Beeple / Mike Winkelman



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