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Freez frame on the new official InFiné dj, Gordon Shumway!

Having recently entered the Infiné family, the upcoming & talented dj/producer Gordon Shumway cleary stands up to the high expectation of his new home by delivering a deep, subtle & intelligent podcast for this special occasion.

Starting with emotional & soundscape atmospheres, Gordon Shumway gently blends us into the mix. Half way through the journey, he blows up the floor while brightly introducing his new retro-futurist Bertrand Burgalat « Munich Expo » remix! With a handpitch selection and his never-ending inspiration, Gordon Shumway nicely fulfills the gap between timbral sounds, techno & trans music.

The result? Just amazing!


Gordon Shumway's InFiné Podcast 005 by Gordon Shumway on Mixcloud


Depth Affect - Vladgorythm Suicide (Autres Direction In Music - 2006)
Robag Wruhme - Pnom Gobal (Pampa Records - 2011)
MIT - Rauch (Luke Abbott Remix) (Studio !K7 - 2010)
Fairmont - Cannon (Border Community - 2011)
Moebius - Nervös (Sky Records - 1983)
Bertrand Burgalat - Munich Expo (Gordon Shumway remix edit) (Tricatel - 2011)
Dirty 30 - Disco Apocalyptico (I'm A Cliché - 2009)
Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me (Âme remix) (Versatile - 2007)
I:Cube - Merovingienne (Versatile - 2010)
Akufen - Skidoos (Force Inc. Music Works - 2002)
Rone - Nakt (InFiné - 2011)

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