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Take a tour of Berlin through the eyes of a gutter punk´s dog !!!

Rone´s new official video celebrates Berlin and the thirst of freedom. Ilan Cohen and Rone already worked together on the video of Acid Reflux (filmed in Tokyo) last year. The story of Voodoo takes place few streets away where Rone use to live in Neukoln. When Vood(oo) caught sight of a lost game partner, he decides to hit the streets to look for his original owner and takes us to a tour in Kreuzberg and Tempelhof famous alternative spots. 


ABOUT VOOD(OO) :  VOOD(OO) is the extended live version of the opening track of Rone`s last album “Creatures” and the A-side his latest EP released in March 2016.

WORDS From director Ilan Cohen : 

Vood(oo) is an eminently narrative track. I felt that it was essential to closely follow the song's structure and narrative: it opens with a pulsating bassline, highlighting a kind of everyday urgency. An initial climax freezes time at 2 minutes, then the track explodes into ever-growing intensity until it erupts into a string quartet finale. I immediately reasoned that neglecting the narrative potential of this track would be missing out on something as obvious as it is powerful. But it also seemed important to stay true to Rone’s poetic and original world, despite the urgency and first degree intensity of the track.

The solution was to create a story with precise and honest stakes whose protagonist (an animal) would render humourous, providing a balance between something moving (on the dog’s scale) and quirky (on our scale). My idea was to aim for a kind of embarrassed laugh: we wonder whether this story should be taken literally, before reaching an even more pronounced gap between substance and form, a clear nod to the humans watching this dog story, while never abandoning a form of honesty in this dog’s perspective.

The tiny budget allowed only for a small crew to shoot the video in Berlin over two days, with the help of local friends and a talented and trustworthy camera crew flown in from Paris. 

Since 2007, Ilan Cohen has worked on almost 30 video shoots as first assistant director  in Paris. He became a Berliner in November 2015 and recently decided to solely focus on personal projects such as CHAT (a mini drama for Arte 5x3’) and another music video for RONE: “Acid Reflux”. Narrative, atmosphere, immersion, duality and empathy are at the heart of his cinematographic and artistic concerns."




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