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"Our Fire" appeared on the Cubenx album Elegiac (released November 2015 via InFiné). The original version is the artist´s latest sonic excursion into shoegaze territory, carefully balanced between evanescent lyrics and guitar distortions. It´s also a nod to Plato’s allegory of the Cave and suggests an ultimate solution : the nomadism and the dazzling of the perpetual movement.



Cubenx - Our Fire from Morgan on Vimeo.



The creative meeting with Video Producer Morgan Beringer turned into a perfect match. Morgan who directed previously videos for Vessels, Melt Yourself Down, Matthew Dear also maintains on a daily base one the most psychedelic Vimeo channels ideal pick for Adult Swim late night programs.

Morgan told us a bit more about his work for Our Fire.

Tell us a bit about the technique you used  ?


I was looking to expand upon the techniques/style of my Abstraction 49 video. Using my usual variety of time stretching methods combined with multiple layers of coloring and smoothing, to give a burning, decaying, or smoldering feeling, exploring softer gradients and earthy muddy colors with damage effects to give worn and used appearances, as though skins continually dying and being shed in rapid procession.



Abstraction 49 from Morgan on Vimeo.


That said, the video has a lot of bright/fresh movement that come out of these more muted colors, hopefully giving it a feeling of growth out of the darkness, the Phoenix out of the ashes, vast landscapes appearing out of a small room and/or portrait, and so on. From a creative perspective...

What was your overall feel when you received the track from Cubenx ? 

It led me to ideas of rebirth after death, the power of imagination and dreams, rejuvenation, flowers growing out of the darkness, a bit of Plato's allegory of the cave, and so on. In that the creative process is largely performed in one's mind and/or small dark rooms, yet this relatively banal scene often results in much more expansive growth/experience than the literal location would suggest.  



Abstraction 44 from Morgan on Vimeo.


Like a distorded version of the reality ? What did you use as visual support ?

These thoughts/references come from how many of the source images are relatively plain images of Cesar in a room, which I imagine to be the literal location of where much creativity happens. It also comes from the chorus of the song, 'the sound that echoes off the wall' combined with the title of 'Our Fire' reminding me of Plato's cave, where by we might consider our reality as the shadow or 'echo' of a greater reality, or one of many steps or 'skins' we live through as we grow.

Our Fire EP including remixes by Danton Eeprom, Han (check #Explorer 2) & Phon.O

+ additional Bonfire versions will be released on April 8th.




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