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InFiné is very proud to unveil an exceptional video in virtual reality of Rone’s “Quitter La Ville” featuring cellist Gaspar Claus and singer Frànçois Marry and produce in collaboration with Aéroport de Paris and the Blogothèque.

Driven by our mutual passion for music and the eagerness to take it to unexpected places, we have decided to put together a particularly inventive Take Away Show and release the first ever music video available in Oculus Rift. As a former film student, Rone is very sensible to images and new technologies and naturally embraced the project since its beginning.


The Okio Studio, first studio for the creation of films in virtual reality, brought its knowledge and directed this second video to make it a completely immersive experience for the audience.  Available to see through Oculus Rift, a headset display, it is also available to stream on Littlestar, Vrideo and Youtube 360° and through apps available on Androïd, Samsung and Apple products. 

The videos was shot in the middle of the night in a completely empty Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport’s terminal and involved around forty people to deliver this technologic achievement. The link between the name of the song “Quitter la ville” – literally “Leaving Town” – and the airport is obvious and it came as an evidence for Blogothèque, Aéroport de Paris and InFiné to organize this Take Away Show and highlight  Rone’s song with this world premiere extra-sensorial experience.   

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