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Toh Imago

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Gordon received a warm welcome for his live performance at Les iNOUiS du Printemps de Bourges on the 25th of April suggesting all the best for InFiné’s last signing spring and summer events.

Check out his freshest liveset @ Nuit Sonores this week !

14.05.2015 at Nuits Sonores, Resident Advisor Stage (Lyon, France)

15.05.2015 at Nuits Sonores, Extra InFiné x Nuits Sonores  (Lyon, France)

12/06/2015 – Gordon - La Taverne Elektrik (Amiens, France)

18/06/2015 – Gordon – Point Ephémère (Paris, France)

25/06/2015 – Gordon – L’International (Paris, France)

08/08/2015 – Gordon – Club 40 (Lille, France)

In the mean time you can still listen to a track selection ... Including his freshest track MK Ultra ( check XLR8R )


For the story, MK-Ultra project (or MK Ultra 1) was exposed in 1975 as the code name used for a top secret, illegal CIA operation that ran from 1950 'til 1970. Their aim was to manipulate and regulate brain activity by injecting people with psychotropic substances and emitting bioelectric signals. Essentially, it was their attempt to brainwash folk.




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