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The mysterious Arandel unveils the second part of its music video trilogy directed by Julien Carot. 


Broken into three-episode - The Arrival ( Watch PART 1 ), The Discover, and The Meeting - the film series focuses on a sci-fi journey of a man forced to escape his home planet in place for an alien universe deep in the depths of the unknown,where he meets a new species of beings.


"THE DISCOVER" describes the first steps of the character on a uncharted planet, his wandering in arid and majestic heights and his first encounters with local hairy creatures. a true Cosmic journey soundscaped by the "Section 12" (taken from Arandel´s Solarispellis album).







ARANDEL / Solarispellis Part II from animal farm on Vimeo.





Directed by Julien Carot ( website )

Aerials by Live Drone

Featuring Gilles Degivry

Music "Section 12" by Arandel from Solarispellis


The new trilogy is a continuation of Carot's previous work with fellow InFiné artist Rone as well as Principles Of Geometry, in which the themes of loneliness, the future, and otherworldly environments communicate through the previous videos into Arandel's narrative.


Watch Julien Carot´s other music video here











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