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or Digital - ITUNES - QOBUZ

The enigmatic Arandel preps full-length Solarispellis on InFiné out November 24. Solarispellis picks up where 2010's In D LP left off, Arandel continuing to buck the trend of other electronic producer contemporaries. Opting against the use of MIDI or samples, Arandel recorded this LP entirely from live analog synths and instruments in an attempt to instill a human touch to the current digital landscape.



Album of the Month in TRAX (in French) "« Dominé par les ombres de François de Roubaix, Klaus Schulze et Terry Riley, ce 2ème chapitre de l’histoire d’Arandel forme une bande originale imaginaire, naïve et mélancolique. » 

IMPOSE  ( Interview ) "We’re musicians of our time, it’s just that we decided to work on a sound dogma that would keep us away from the lures of technologic eases. In the end, this is all about challenging our production techniques." >> Full Interview (In English) 

INTRO.DE ( Interview translated ) ""... beside that, we just love our instruments. They are like characters."   >> Full Interview (In German)

BLEEP "It's not quite "something for everyone", yet anyone could find something to love here."

TINYMIXTAPE - "Blatantly electronic-sounding! No-frills production is all the more impressive when it leads to colorful and complex tracks [...]. I’m on the verge of fetishizing confetti." 

FREE TRACK Section 12 - XLR8R

SECTION 12" "a slow-building production that coyly laces a loping four-on-the-floor with gaseous synths, floating melodies, and highly detailed bits of percussion and manipulated electronics." 


A1 – Opening Section

A2 – Section 7 

A3 – Section 11 

A4 – Interlude (Variation on Section 12)

A5 – Section 9

A6 – Section 10 (1st & 2nd Movements)

B1 – Section 13

B2 – Interlude (Variation on Section 6)

B3 – Section 12 

B4 – Section 10 (3rd Movement)

B5 – Section 8

B6 – Finale Section

CD / Digital

 1 – Opening Section

 2 – Section 7 

 3 – Section 11 

 4 – Interlude (Variation on Section 12)

 5 – Section 9

 6 – Section 10 (1st & 2nd Movements)

 7 – Section 13

 8 – Interlude (Variation on Section 6)

 9 – Section 12 

10 – Section 10 (3rd Movement)

11 – Section 8

12 – Finale Section



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