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In 2010 a group of writers launched the short-lived music blog Altered Zones. The intention was to chart the small-scale explosion in DIY music brought about by advances in technology that meant access, distribution and home recording of music was more widely available than ever before. Gaps between genres that had previously been hermetically sealed off from each other such as drone, electronic, psych and r&b began to melt and blur in the hands of a younger generation of producers who could easily traverse cultural boundaries from the comfort of their own bedroom.


The unexpected fallout from these fusions is still evolving, which brings us to the debut EP from Almeeva on InFiné Music, Anamorphic.


Four slabs of woozy pop with a production sensibility that skillfully navigates the territory mapped out by Altered Zones, even as the geography continues to mutate.


Anamorphic begins with the engrossing introduction of Soviet Superstructures, sounding equal parts atmospheric and archaic, a consistent theme throughout the EP. Almeeva has a penchant for vast cinematic landscapes, unsurprising given his background as a film-maker.




Parallels strips things back with the introduction of Almeeva’s voice as a lead vocal rather than an extra texture. His vocals are reminiscent of How To Dress Well; falsetto, emotively delicate and drenched in reverb. The pace picks up on Felt, encompassing his diverse influences without losing clarity before ending on Palindrome, which originally appeared on Club InFiné.


Anamorphic feels like a short stay in one of the citadels described in a Philip K. Dick novel; a sprawling futuristic city with giant projections on skyscraper walls. Androgynous hymns for a hallucinatory dystopia.  



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