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Lucie Antunes

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Lucie Antunes: Debut album SERGEÏ out October 4th

During this journey, that we call life, one of our primary needs, is to keep alive our inner child. A child that is unafraid of experimenting, trying, pursuing new challenges, falling and getting up, all over again. A child that knows that a piece of pa- per, with a glimpse of creativity and imagination, can be turned in a castle. But how do we not lose that inner child? What would be, if for once, our minds would not control anymore our emotions? We might not have an answer, but Lucie Antunes might have found one for us. Her new album, SERGEÏ, is a pure explosion of joy, a rollercoaster of happiness that defines a new path that this young artist has chosen to take. This album is released by the two french music labels InFiné & Crybaby on the 4th of October, 2019.


Lucie Antunes is a classically & contemporary-trained drummer and percussionist, inspired by the pioneers of minimalism. She owns the unique ability to understand sounds in a way that a lot of people cannot and to prove it, she works with no musical objects with the desire to create new sound materials. Lucie started her musical career in the footprints of classical music, in fact, she holds several con- servatory and master's awards at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon and she is a winner of multiple scholarships around France. As for many artists, she found her inspiration in the notes and words of John Cage. And in 2013, the young artist turned to pop music and found herself propelled center stage alongside Moodoid, Aquaserge, Yuksek, Susheela Raman. Since 2015 she has been creating electro-acoustic pieces, directing her shows in which she expresses all her multidisciplinary and versatile artistry through the use of contemporary forms of live performance in collaboration with choreographers, performers, and musicians. And the album SERGEÏ is not immune to the collaborative attitude of Lucie, in fact, a lot of artists have joined her in the project.

As a young child, SERGEÏ is a tour de force of eclectic music that leaves the listener amazed, almost hooked up in Lucie’s magnetic spiral of sounds. The eclecticism that pervades SERGEÏ is shown by Lucie ability to create labyrinths of sounds through the use of unconventional instruments such as marimba, vibraphones, celesta, tubular balls, glockenspiel and ondes Martenot. The seven tracks are a statement of freedom. The same childish freedom that we run behind and that we desperately seek. Lucie, with SERGEÏ, achieves her freedom and builds on it, the artist that she is with no compromises but only with the determined ambition to break the boundaries, to shake genres and to make the eyes smile.

The album opens with a track called Sergeï, to make us comfortable with the child that will hold our hand and will take us around, in this constellation of sounds and vocals that the album itself lives of. In this track different layers of rhythms, sounds and vocals merge harmonically. They gave each other breath and time to shine without compromise the light of the other.

As a child that is learning how to express himself, with the track Blue Child, then one that represents the album at its finest, Lucie set her music inhibitions free, expressing herself. Multiplying textures and musical layers, she takes us on a journey of restless beats, as restless is her imagination.

The track Lettre à F makes us sit down quietly and breathe after the powerfully joyful album intro. It's time to rest our childlike eyes and reflect on what we are. Scary and abyssal at the first listening, due to a masterful use of contrabass, synth and modulars, at the end turns in an empowering feel- ing of liberation.

In Kälimat, Lucie proves all her classical artistry with an electronic switch. Starting with a cello that blends in a pop takeover, we are taken on a journey that brings back the powerful energy of a child, through a climax encircled by vocals.

The whirlwind of the playfulness of Sergeï arises in the track Láska alluring the unique sounds of a celesta. Halfway through a persistent beat arises, making us twirl in a joyful imaginative land where no boundaries are set but only the intensity of our imagination can be explored.

The influences of the French club nightlife do not escape the signature of Lucie and the track Iceland is a proof of it. The track itself starts as an ode of the endless nights in which we allow our inner child to be free escaping from our daily routine, slowing turning the dance floor in a playground in which beats and vocals embrace each other.

In this universal sensory journey that Sergeï is, the last track, A Temps, is the farewell that we expect. The track englobes all the powerful sensitivity and intensity of the artist. But this farewell is not meant as a goodbye but only as a “see you soon”, exactly as a child would mean it. SERGEÏ is the inner child we lost, but that we can find again. That can set us free.


1. Sergeï
2. Blue Child
3. Lettre à F
4. Kälimat
5. Láska
6. Iceland
7. A Temps

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