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Mischa Blanos

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Mischa Blanos announces new album 'Indoors' to be released on September 20th

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InFiné as a label has always had an extra sharp eye on electronic piano music. As a genre, it leaves a free-range to explorations and experimentations that represent our society in different perspectives. What makes experimentations hard is the ability to set the creative path free from the bargain to undertake some specific approaches or to tick some conventional boxes. But the new upcoming InFiné electronic piano talent, Mischa Blanos, evades any strict definitions, blending in his unique way different music genres, determining his approach to experimentation with its own rules and notes.

We discovered Mischa in March 2016 through a video recorded during a live show in Berlin. Huddled on a straight piano, this young man had a groove with a special Slavic flavour. Due to his background in Russian classical piano school was easy to admire his abilities and skills, but his creative electronic side was what stroke to our attention and therefore also the decision to have his first release on InFiné in 2018 with "Second Nature”. Blanos was not new to electronic music due to his music project Amorf, in collaboration with Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. A trio that has pushed constantly the definition of experimentations in the Romanian music landscape, leaving the audiences enchanted by their synthesizers "non-verbal communication" and settling their release with an immediate sell-out.

Now, Mischa Blanos returns to InFiné with a project called “Indoors” that has been conceived during the Piano Day, on March 2019 in Paris. After spending half a day in a studio, a series of 3/4 tracks developed naturally in a composition of new music of 35 minutes that will be released at the end of September. The 7 pieces of "Indoors" assert its difference far from the canons of the current piano stylistic clichés, in fact, the sensitivity is not feigned, the compositions oscillate with ease in stylistic registers varied enough to draw an extraordinary personality, with glimpses of jazz and unique groove. In his music, there are traces of Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz, Francesco Tristano, Vanessa Wagner, Murcof and Brandt Brauer Frick. But they are just traces, tiny sparkles because, in the end, his compositions are based purely through his eyes' perception of the world that he lives and that he narrates about through his notes.

"Indoors", despite the title, is an album to listen outdoors because it embraces all our visceral feelings that life pushes us towards to. In every track, different layers of melodies embark us on journeys that define the rhythm of a day of each one of us. From sunrise to sunset, every second, every moment, every fraction in Mischa Blanos' music finds an answer or a beat that can describe it. Exploring our scattered and frenetic era is a tough task, but yet, even though his young age, Mischa finds himself comfortable in directing us in this hectic composition that is life. "Chatting In 21st Century", based on Bach, questions our ability to connect without words but with images and icons. "Am Wired" tries to pierce the bubble of glass behind our phones and their cameras, in which we hide in a vertiginous abyss. "Habits" is a melancholic ballad of all the regrets and the "what if" that we left behind us. But as in 24 hours, there is light and there is darkness, "Indoors", in the same way, also reminds us of our humanity and its tender beautiful fragility as in the after-love of "Two Sugar Cubes" or in the melodic piano "Forebondings", both tracks that leave us with a sense of peaceful restored faith and desire to experience life. A desire that drags us until the last bits of a sunrise either in solitude as in "Pillow Talk" or in a party on Hamburg rooftops’ as in "Hammock On The Roof".

Mischa has lived all his music. It's impossible not to viscerally feel it.
Finding ourselves in it, it's easy. You just have to live for a day.


1. Chanting in 18th Century 
2. Two Sugar Cubes 
3. Forebondings
4. Pillow Talk 
5. Hammock on the Roof 
6. Am Wired 
7. Habbits



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